Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Tuesday Rescue Day

 I really like going to the shelter knowing that I'm leaving with adult cats.  This time of year is incredibly sad for the adults at the shelter.  They have little chance of getting out alive:

I look at these pictures and they don't even look like the cats that I rescued!  The first picture is Mona.  When I took her out of the cage she licked my ear.  The 2nd picture is "Marc"...he's in my washroom unraveling the toiletpaper right now.  He's adorable!  The 3rd picture is "Stella".  She turned herself upside down in the cage to get my attention.   The foster parents are going to be happy with these guys :)

I was sad to hear that somebody is out circulating a petition against the shelter where I rescue.  What's sad, is that it's a petition against euthanasia at that shelter.  I know that the person means well.  They love animals.  But asking a city pound to stop euthanasia is like asking a hospital to end cancer.  NOBODY likes to kill the animals.  I will not sign the petition.  It's ridiculous.  The sad part is that the person who started the petition doesn't even live in the city and has NEVER been to the shelter!  How much credibility will this person have with the city?  *UGH*

On a happy note, my son took a really cute picture of my latest foster Gabby.  This little sweetie sits on my shoulder ALL the time while I'm at the computer:

Whomever dumped this little treasure at the shelter really missed out on a special girl.  I was pleased to see that my office area actually looks neat in this picture!  David calls my office "Cat Central" and when my rescue phone rings there, it's "The Cat Phone".  He's such a goofball. 

By the way, I met the new neighbours!  The Squirrel-Killing-Animal-Hating Neighbours still live in the house, but the real estate agent was there today and she's the one buying the house!  They have TWO cats and TWO adorable little girls - ages 11 and 8!  I'm so happy!  I'm going to get those little girls to start begging their Mom to foster.  All it takes is one VERY cute kitten who needs help and *WHAMOO* - they're in! 

For the first time in a week, it felt like a normal day and I'm so relieved.  The Rescue Rollercoaster is coming into the station.... :)


Ecochica said...

What a great rescue day! Any idea what happened to the white mama and her all white baby??

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Actually, municipal/public shelters don't 'have' to kill so many. Our animal control stopped doing euths a few years ago unless the animal is very sick/injured/hopeless or so agressive they can't be handled (about 2 a year come in like that) and they support TNR. But, a petition is not going to do it. The community has to be there to back them up, other shelters need to take excess animals and adoption hours must be had. Ours started with people willing to volunteer to care and do the work and a local mall that donated space for 6 day a week adoption events.

Debbie said...

Beth fell lucky there are alot worse things David could call that room!!
another happy rescue, lucky guys!
I am sure it won't be long before the girls next door are nocking on the door asking to play with the kittens

Random Felines said...

We agree - all it takes is one cute tiny kitten to get new foster families.

While I think there has to be alternatives to euthansia in shelters, it drives me nuts that people think signing a paper without understanding the underlying problem is going to fix things. I would love to see the day when shelters can all be no kill, but it isn't going to happen until people take some individual responsibility (TNR, spay/neuter, adopt don't shop). OK - off my soap box. MOL

Meaghan Edwards said...

I too just heard abut this petition -- and didn't sign it, althoug I was about to sign it just to point out that protests, petitions, etc won't do a lick of good until owners start being responsible. Yes, there can be alternatives to euthanasia, but it starts on the actions of owners.