Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Whiny Wednesday

Today might have been the first day since starting my rescue that I said to myself, "Why am I doing cat rescue??  Everything is fine really - just some kittens with diarrhea that had to be picked up from Petsmart "immediately".  I had JUST gotten home from Petsmart and was starving, and had to go back again.

I've been so busy, that I've been missing doing normal things that everybody else does.  I bought a new comforter (cat barfed on the old one) and it didn't come with the shams.  It's driving me crazy that I can't manage the time to go back to the store to get the stupid shams! 

I keep telling myself  "Relax Beth.  It's kitten season.  Every rescue is in the same boat." 

On a happy note, the rescue's volunteers have really been going the extra mile to help me.  Instead of driving into the city today to meet foster parents with cats, the foster parents went all the way to the vet's office to pick up the cats so I didn't have to drive that far.  It's been really wonderful and I count my blessings every day.

It was disappointing today, as I had been email communicating for more than a month with a really nice sounding woman interested in an orange kitten that had been born.  She had wanted to pay the adoption fee on the little guy so nobody else could adopt him.  I wouldn't let her do it because we didn't know what his personality would be like - what if bonded with another kitten?  She was willing to wait the 8 weeks.  Needless to say, today was the big day that I could screen her for adoption and see if this would be a good match.   Within a minute, I found out she would declaw him.  I was so deflated, and I'm sure she was too.  Nothing I could say would convince her otherwise.


Remember this guy that I rescued yesterday?

I took this video in my washroom yesterday - right after he was rescued.  Hard to believe it's the same cat:

I'm not sure which I should apologize for more - the lame music in the video or my whiny blog post ;)



Anonymous said...

see Beth. that before and after of that cat is exactly why you do cat rescue. hang in there.

Mycatsayshi said...

Look how happy he is! Thanks for sharing! :)

~*Connie*~ said...

shams are so incredibly overrated anyway! :)

Caroline said...

Could you offer the lady who wanted the declawed kitten one of the declawed adults in the animal control?

Steve Bartlett said...

I still have Gizmo (even though he's a TCR foster), and he's declawed. But he's definitely not a kitten :)

Random Felines said...

We have all been there - I tell my rescue friends that I am always so grateful that we don't all have bad days at the same time. :) Hang in there!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww!! That video is adorable--especially when he curls his little toes in :).
To the lady who wants to get the kitten declawed--DON'T do it!! We did it with our very first rescue cat since my husband said that was the only way I could have one, and we BOTH felt horribly guilty afterwards. It is NOT a nice procedure and puts the cat in an incredible amount of pain...even though we can't really tell because cats don't really show their pain. Everytime she would hop down from her perch, the 'thud' of her landing would make us both cringe because of her bloody, bandaged toes.
PLEASE don't do it!!!