Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guilt or Not-to-Guilt - That is the Question!

The long weekend was filled with guilt-free cat related activities.  With David being out of town, I was free to transport cats, play with kittens at Petsmart at all odd hours of the weekend!  I even did my first Petsmart adoption on Sunday! 

I need to get over the intense feelings of guilt I get every time I leave a cat at Petsmart for adoption.  I left two of THE CUTEST kittens there today and the little girl looked back at me as if to say, "I just want a home!  Don't leave me here."

The fenced part is what we put up so the kittens can come out and play.  (Excuse the cat carrier - it's normally not there)  We don't use the smaller top cages - just three of the double cages below.  There's lots for the cats to do:

The feelings I have of failure are pure nonsense, as each one of these cats was rescued from a steel, deathrow cage.  These cats have toys, and are out of their cages 2 times per day.  (Not to mention that they actually have a chance of being adopted!) 

We lost two kittens over the weekend in separate situations.  One was a simple accident and the other for unknown causes.  Kitten season is rough and it leaves me feeling so beaten up. 

At the risk of jinxing things, I was at the shelter today and the only cats that were euthanized were sick cats.  Things have been slower there and it's almost June!  Is it possible that this city of a zillion unwanted cats is finally getting the message?? 

At least I didn't feel guilty leaving with only 2 kittens today....they were the only single litters (without a Mom) that was there today!   Do I hear an "AMEN!"?


Caroline said...

Don't feel guilty Beth, the kittens in the video each have a friend and all the comforts in their large cages and a little time in a cage for a forever home is a small price to pay.

Random Felines said...

AMEN sister!!! I have been surprised at the lower (seeming) number of kittens coming into the shelter where I help out as well. Either female cats were playing hard to get this spring or I don't know what. MOL It can be hard leaving them at Petsmart, but doing their adoptions make it all better!!!

Robin Sarafinchan said...

I know it must be hard to leave them there but short term pain for long term gain - so many cats get adopted out of Petsmarts, that's where two of ours came from. It gives them so much more exposure than just foster homes.

peewee22 said...


I know what you mean about leaving them. I volunteer at Pet Valu where the kittens are in a similar situation. I stay as long as they seem to need me every day. I hate that I have to put them back in the cages, but I know that their chances of being adopted are greater when they can be seen. When they do get adopted, I'm glad for them, but I have to admit that I also feel a little sad that my time with them is over. I become very attached and miss them. I can only hope that their new "people" will love and take good care of them.

Devon said...

Do not feel guilt! They stand a chance in those cages and had almost no chance at the shelter! It may be sad, but if I were a cat, a few more days in a cage vs. euthanasia would be looking like a pretty good option.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Our local AC started a low cost neuter program about four years ago, it's a sister to the shelter program because the shelter is in one area and AC is on the total opposite end of town. Last year two years ago I started noticing the numbers of kittens, especially kittens without mom, were down. Last year I had one litter without mom to foster, this year..NONE! I'm thinking the education/low cost spay/neuter must be working. What other reason could there be?~Donna

Wikked Windy said...

I went to visit them yesterday, they are sooooo cute! They don't seem bored at all!!! They nap, they play and romp and poke their little paws out at you....how hard would it be to NOT fall in love with the little buggers...!!!

Caroline said...

Beth, please do an ad for Muffin and Misty, they are declaws on the Urgent list.


Fisher and Staff said...

It is hard to do the pet rescue without guilt and sadness thrown in. You are such special humans who watch after those in need. If guilt creeps in, just remember all the kitties everywhere smiling because you are you.