Tuesday, February 08, 2011

An Update on "Mike"

I thought it would be fun to give an update on Mike - poor guy that was abandoned in the city and was fending for himself at a construction site.  If you remember, his BEFORE picture:
Since "Mike's" rescue yesterday, he was taken to the vet for a check up and to see if the vet could unlock a few mysteries about this guy.  Turns out Mike is neutered!  He's about 7 years old, and although VERY skinny, he's otherwise in pretty good shape.  (No doubt thanks to the construction people at the job site for feeding him)

The first night in his foster home:

How completely precious is this picture???  The best part about this picture is the NAME the foster Mom gave the picture:  "It's_gonna_be_ok_xxxxooo.jpg"  Sure looks that way to me!  The sad part is to think that since he had been neutered,  he was probably loved at some point in his life.  "What happened to ya, Mike?"

I met an adopter and a foster Mom at the shelter today.  The adopter drove more than 2 hours to adopt "Speckles" a sad little orange guy that had been at the shelter since early December.  The foster Mom took a HUGE 20 pound orange guy that we're calling "The Big Orange", and a darling young black female cat to adopt herself - it was love at first sight. 

It was a great day!  I was supposed to do some domestic stuff today but by the time I got home from the shelter, I completely ran out of ambition.  We're going OUT for dinner tonight - I guess "Mike" isn't the only one that's spoiled.  :)


Devon said...

Hurray for Mike! He looks more than comfortable in his foster home.

Debbie said...

Every cat should have it so good.
Luck Mike!!!
Sleep tight!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay, Mike! It *is* gonna be okay.

The Big Orange? That's Rusty Staub! heheheheh.

Seeing Mike makes me happy. Congrats to all involved.


TK and Squashies said...

YAY Mike! You are so very speshul to helps him.

Ecochica said...

Mike is just precious and that pic made my eyes well up! What a fantastic day for adoptions INCLUDING DOODLE WOO HOO!

peewee22 said...

Has Doodle been adopted?