Monday, February 07, 2011

(The Best!) Newsy Monday

It happened!  I received the letter from the Charities Directorate this afternoon - my little rescue is an official Registered Charity!  There are so many things that I can do now and I'm hopeful that people will feel more inclined to donate now that they know I have to have fiscal responsibility. 

Sounds silly to say, but I think the best part about this distinction is that I did ALL the paperwork myself!  Last time, I did this for a rescue, I had a pro bono attorney draw up the papers.  I feel!

My trip to Quebec City was wonderful and gratefully, I didn't run into any homeless cats.  The rescue ran beautifully thanks to Connie who volunteered to man the phones and email while I was away.  In fact, we had THREE adoptions this weekend and I wasn't even here!

I'm happy to report that Mike is being rescued as I type this blog post! He's on his way to the vet to be neutered, and given the royal treatment until he can be placed into a foster home. It'll be interesting to see how this progresses..

I went to the shelter today and rescued one sweet little girl.  I named her "Penny" and she's probably about 5 months old.  I have available foster space for more cats, but can't seem to find the right matches for people.  I can't place "just any cat" into "just any foster home".  They have to work in the home. 

What would a shelter visit be without one (or two...or three...or...) cat that really pulls on my heart strings.  "Willow" is that cat:

Surely there must be SOMEBODY that can give this little siamese lady a retirement home. She has the bluest eyes and a sweet little personality. You can tell that somebody really loved her. It breaks my heart that her owner died and somebody dumped her.  I'm posting this, because I know Siamese-people never have just one Siamese cat and I'm hoping that somebody will tell a friend.

I'm meeting an adopter and a foster Mom at the shelter tomorrow, so hopefully more cats will get out.  I've been taking pictures for Kim at the shelter while she's on her honeymoon, but Petfinder isn't being very cooperative.  At least it gives me a chance to get to know the cats as they come in. 

I just signed up another new foster Mom, and am so happy to continue to grow a bit more.  I realized as I was printintg my foster home list I really enjoy EVERYBODY that I'm working with - how many people can say that? 

Wow...this really was a "Newsy Monday"!  What'll I write about tomorrow?  (Maybe Willow the siamese' rescue!?)


Kea said...

Beth, HUGE congratulations on the registered charity status! Whoohoo!

And fingers and paws crossed for Willow (and Mike and Penny)!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Congratulations on becoming an official charity! That is fantastic news!

Also, woo-hoo(!!)for Mike! You know how I feel about black and white guys and he really tore at my heartstrings. I'd already talked it over with Matt and I was going to email you today about the possibility of fostering him :D (Can you believe this, the man who once said "two cats is our limit!" Now lives with 4 and agreed to take a fifth :-) I have to say, he completely crumbled when I showed him Mike's pictures :-)

Poor, poor Willow. I *really* hope someone comes forward for her. Any chance that tomorrow's adopter might have her? All cats deserve to get out, of course, but the ones that are older, whose owners have died just break my heart. And to be honest, at 11, she really isn't that old...She's got another 5 or 6 years in her easily, surely? I'd love to take her but experience has taught me that girl cats don't do so well in my frat house of 4 boy cats (of which 3 are under 2...)

cindy, Bertie, Sammy, Malley and Batman

Anonymous said...

Yes, congrats on charitable status!

I'm spreading the word best I can about Willow. If she wasn't a little girl, she'd be ours. Even Andy was game, but we both worry she'd be tormented by our aggressive girls. Betty might leave her alone, but Snoox is just SO horrible.

Now, Cindy, have you TRIED an older lady like Willow? Your youngsters might respect their elders. ;)


Lisa said...

Willow is an absolute gem! I could just hug her to pieces!

When considering another cat, I find few rules are hard and fast. I had a male and brought home a female. He hissed and beat on her when I first got her. They tolerated each other after a gradual introduction but they were never pals so my Mom took her. Then I brought home a second female and my male was enamoured with her from day one...all chirpy and playful. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a wonderful start to the week!!