Monday, February 14, 2011

Not-So-Newsy Monday

I was having a huge "pity party" for myself this weekend.  I think it was because there were HUGE adoption events through Petsmart all over the place and I couldn't participate yet.  I took the opportunity to fill out the forms to become an adoption partner and email them in.  Let's hope this is the last time that I can't participate in an adoption event!

Thanks to the big adoption events elsewhere, we only had one adoption this weekend.  Between that, and problems with Petfinder and their pictures, I knew adoptions would be slim. 

Kim (from the shelter) was back from her wedding/honeymoon today and I was SO glad to see her!  I rescued a couple of cuties this morning and took a video.  I think half the time I didn't know the video was's certainly not my best videography :)

I rescued the black and white guy, and am PRAYING somebody comes forward for the two little girls in the video. They've been there far too long and I'm worried. Seeing that little brown tabby kneading as she watched me rescue another cat broke my heart. 

I was afraid that the Pity Party would continue today, but rescuing always helps.  I also came home to a voicemail from someone who would like to foster for the rescue!   That would bring up our foster homes to 28!!! 

The Pity Party has officially ended!


Anonymous said...

Awww he's not a little ugly, he's adorable!

Caroline said...

The black and wht guy was definitely ready to go, he literally fell out of his cage! I too hope the tabby girls make it out as they seem very sweet.

Smartypants said...

Beth, I LOVE these videos. I totally giggled when he fell out of his cage. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Beth, You do such great work and it gladdens my heart. If you get to heaven and find out God is a cat, you've got it made! (I am increasingly finding that cats are angels sent to help us learn to be truly human). Keep up the good work. - Ken

Caroline said...

Beth, didn't one of your tabbies just find a home?? Why not fill his spot with another?