Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Thuuuper" Thursday

What a wonderful rescue day today!  I met with 2 foster Moms at the shelter and THREE little lives were saved. 

Karen is a new foster Mom and had never been to the shelter.  In fact, she had never fostered before, so I was anticipating that she might be upset at choosing a cat to save.  Karen has a passion for long haired cats, so it only took seconds for her to say "That's the one!" when we saw Greta:
Greta is about 1-2 years old and flopped over for belly rubs immediately!  She's absolutely darling and I think this is a good match. 

Our other foster Mom took the little tabby from the video that pulled at my heart strings:
She was so happy to be going home with Laurie, that her "happy kneading" almost ripped her jacket!  It was really adorable. 

I rescued a 5 month old brown tabby coming. 

It's hard to believe my own eyes, but I received Foster Parent #30's application today!!  Really - THIRTY foster homes already!!  So far, I'm staying organized and things are happening (good and bad) without much drama.  We're all getting along and communicating well.  I feel so much gratitude for these men and women that have come forward to help me with this rescue.  Each day I wake up with an enthusiastic attitude. 

I think I say that every winter, don't I?  Things always seem more organized and happy in the winter.  Kitten Season isn't far away, so I'm trying to bank a few donations for the onslaught of little lives that need us.  It'll be here soon.


Erika and Blair,xoxo said...

Wow thirty foster homes, that is awesome!

Caroline said...

Glad to read the tabby girl got rescued, kudos to the foster Mom and Beth! Also glad another tabby has entered Beth's home!