Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An Assortment!

Today was a rather boring "admin day".  I reorganized, did rescue banking and went to the printer to have tax receipts printed.  I felt incredibly productive until I walked through the door and discovered this:

That was one of my favourite vases!!  At least this time I didn't have to play "who dun it?" I think she looks guilty, don't you?

I received a stunning before and after picture of "Joey" via email:

Every day I'm thankful for the foster parents that come forward and make such a difference in the lives of these cats.

It was such an assortment of phone calls today!  We've have a return on "George".  It's not really George's fault - he just doesn't like the resident cat, and that's OK.  The adopter gave it a good try.  We had THREE adoption calls today.  We even had a woman contact me that "The Big Orange" was her missing cat!  She sent me a picture and sure enough - it's HER cat!  She was well educated on lettting her 23 pound cat outside, etc etc.  She was crying.  She had no idea how close her adorable cat was to being euthanized in a city pound.

I had a phone call yesterday from a real estate agent up north whose client moved out of the country and left their orange and white cat outside.  The word from the owner was, "Don't feed him - he'll move on".  I put out an urgent plea to the northern rescues and he was rescued today.  (Bless their hearts)  I was SO upset yesterday about this poor cat being put outside and told to move on.  How can anyone do that? 

My son came home sick with the flu today.  Sounds like the whole house is a biohazard.  I'd better get lots done over the next few days - you never know if I'm going to be next!   


Debbie said...

The picture of Joey is priceless!!!
My son has the flu also, I guess it's going around.

Anonymous said...

The Joey pic is perfect. How wonderful!

And holy cow, Beth! How many original owners have you found so far? I know at least two - a skinny orange one and now a fat orange one. ;)

justforme said...

Love the before and after shot!! Too bad about the vase. I came home two of my books ripped to shreds by my retriever and sweet Mr.Kitty was lazing in the sun. I've converted to a cat person, but don't tell my dog:)
Great job of getting that poor cat rescued who was left to move on. How awful.

Kathie said...

I got tears when I saw the picture of Joey "after", what a difference a little love makes. Makes everything worthwhile when you see something like that. Thanks for all you do. You've have earned your place in heaven, just don't plan on going anytime soon!
Kathie and the Kats at Happy Haven

Kathie said...

PS. I have had more than one "idiot" saw that about a cat, don't feed him he'll move on, I lived next door to a church 7 years ago and had been there for more than 20, people thought they were being religious by dumping pregnant moms in the churchyard. My food bill went up and I bought two igloo dog houses and outdoor heated pads for winter, raised a lot of teeny ones after they were weaned and found homes for all, not so good with the mothers, most of them were feral or because of the way they'd been treated ended up fearful of humans. I still think of the cats I couldn't save and bring into a normal home and always will.

Sparkle said...

The second photo of Joey is just one example of why rescue and foster humans are pawsome!

Steve Bartlett said...

If that's Thomas next to the vase, it couldn't possibly have been him. He was set up by an evil non-tabby cat.

havetailwillwag said...

Don't feed him, he'll move on??? wtf is wrong with these people?

House of the Discarded said...

Steve: Those aren't ears - those are horns!! LOL

Caroline said...

Joey looks great, love the relaxed dude holding him, nothing cuter than a guy and a cat! My furkid and foster furkid have a system for destruction, the cat knocks stuff off the table and the dog shreds it!