Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Happy...err...Happy Friday

My adoption phone line did not ring today.  I sure hope this isn't an omen for the weekend.  I shouldn't say that it "didn't ring".  I've had lots of phone calls today...

1.  "Can you take my cat that's peeing in my house?"  "No."

2.  Can you recommend a veterinarian?  "Really?"

3.  Do you know of anyone that breeds Siberian Rafa cats?  "WTF"?

I've had "Stanley" the Himalayan on our website since December.  I can't believe this handsome guy hadn't been adopted, but Stanley FINALLY went to his forever home last night.  I picked him up from the foster Mom and he spent the afternoon in my shower stall covered in comfy blankets (seriously...or I would've had to dig him out from under my vanity) until a volunteer driver could take him to his new Mommy who didn't drive.  Whenever I adopt a cat out sight unseen, I really have to screen and follow through SUPER carefully.

Tomorrow, another volunteer is rescuing Tallulah for me:
You can't see it, but she's a little flat-faced angel!  I really liked her, and was so happy that a new foster Mom contacted me about helping her. 

There's a HUGE tom cat at the shelter that has become a favourite with one of the staffers.  His name is "King Tut" and he's awesome:
He has a HUGE tomcat head and one of those strong macho bodies.  But he's a big softie,sweetie.  He was marked for euthanasia and taken off the list at the last minute.  I doubt they're going to give him much time there.  *sigh*  Thought I'd ask...

My new tabby foster kitten "Max" has made himself right at home.  He's so excited to be out, he gallops around with his tail poofed out.  I think we're going to have lots of fun with this guy. 

The long weekend is almost here, and I've got a dedicated volunteer who offered to man the phones and email for me this weekend.  I'll be around, but it's going to be nice to feel like I can walk away from my desk if I need to.  It's really freeing to be "off the clock".  But my heart is never too far away from it all.  I think I'll try to be a good wife this weekend.  David stepped in cat barf in the middle of the night last night, but I figure that's what he gets for not turning on a light before going into the washroom.  Bad wife. Bad, bad, wife!

Happy Friday!!!


Anonymous said...

I may know somebody that would be interested in adopting King Tut. They like the big boys. Would that be possible in the states?

Debbie said...

See I have him for 2 months, he just goes to a new foster when I go on holidays and he gets adopted!
Go figure!!
Yea Stanley, your a sweet boy!!

House of the Discarded said...

Debbie: I was DYING to tell you about it, but wasn't sure if had net access! You called it!

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: WOW! Yes, it's definitely possible - but they would have to come pick him up at the US/Canada border, and be screened by me for adoption.

VERY cool possibilities!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Picking up King Tut at the border could be difficult without help. He would be going to the Pittsburgh suburbs and the trip would require time off of work. Would there be a possilbility of flying him down here?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of all that has been happening with you. Sometimes life just isn't fair.

There is still interest in King Tut if flying would be an option, it would be paid on this end.