Friday, February 11, 2011

A Case of the Warm and Fuzzies

I can't BELIEVE I forgot my camera today!  It was one of those heartwarming, fuzzy feeling days when I pulled that sweet old lady Siamese from her cage.  Then I walked over to the Mom and babies and sang my rescue song to them too.  (I tried to sing my rescue song to the Siamese girl, but her Yeeeeowl drowned me out.  Can't say that I blame her!)

My heart pulled a bit as I was easily able to pick up the Mom.  Imagine.  She was almost euthanized because she was thought to be feral.  No doubt she's scared - but feral???  Naaaaah!   I've already heard from the foster home that took the family, and the kittens are having a ball!

"Willow" went to a wonderful new Mommy.  That sweet Siamese old lady was purrrring like crazy at the vets.  She just *knew* she had a loving home waiting for her.  I must've kissed her a hundred times.  I had fur stuck to my lipstick.

I guess the biggest bonus was rescuing the black and white kitten that supposedly had lice.  I took her to the vet and she now has a darling "lion's cut".  Holy Moly, is she cute!  Really...what could be cuter than a kitten with a lion's cut?  The vet shaved her with a loud clipper and she just laid there purring and periodically rolling around.  She looked so happy for the attention. 

Yesterday was quite an ordeal as several organizations and individuals were trying to organize rescue for the Mom and babies, and Willow the Siamese.  Once again, I was very aware that there are a lot of really nice people out there who DO care.  I heard from rescues that I had never heard of before.  They were smaller rescues, just like me, trying to make a difference with one little life at a time. 

It felt good to be part of something big yesterday.  Rescue can be very isolating.  Sometimes you feel like you're the only one dealing with the day to day rescue challenges.  I loved receiving the emails from the other rescues after I told everybody that the little family had been rescued...lots of "YESSSS!" "GOOD WORK!"

I think this blog helps me from feeling so isolated most of the time. 

To start the weekend, here's a great Before and After picture of "Speckles" who was recently adopted directly from the shelter after his new Mommy drove more than 2 hours (one way) to take him home.  He had spent 2 and half months in that place.  Talk about being "isolated":

*happy sigh*  "You'll never be alone again, Speckles.."

Have a great weekend all.  As always, I appreciate your love, care and support.


Faith J. said...

How wonderful! You are doing an amazing job. My heart is encouraged by all the happy stories. Keep up the great work!

Kea said...

That "after" photo of Speckles says it all, Beth.

Hurrah for a *good* day! And oh, I wish I could have seen the kitten with her lion cut. LOL.

I remember when I adopted my first cat, Chumley, back in April 2001. I kept looking at the KHS web site and week after week, his pic was still there. Dirty and matted, but a real teddy bear. Can't fathom why no one wanted him.

Two months after he was here, he didn't look the like same cat all. (Back before I had a digital camera and didn't take many film pics, hence the delay in taking photos. Now I wish I had more pics of him to remember him by.)

Anyway, have a *great* weekend!

Allison at Novice Life said...

What heartwarming pics :) It makes it all worth it!!

Carolyn said...

You're not alone in rescue, Beth. As part of one of the smaller rescues, I was ready to foster Willow at a moment's notice. I'm so happy she, Speckles, Mom & kittens, & black & white kitty are happy and loved now. Thanks to you the cats are get a new lease on life. Have a great weekend!

Josie said...

Hooray for warm fuzzies! They are always wonderful to have :)

justforme said...

I'm Speckle's new mom. His name is now Mr.Kitty as per request of my 3 year old, who also says he is a girl lol. He is a beautiful addition to our family. He is currently tucked in beside me, his purr vibrating through the bed. Thanks to Beth for all her hard work and dedication. You are an angel to this little lost kittys.

justforme said...

I'm Speckles new Mom! His name is now Mr.Kitty as per request of my 3 year old who also refuses to believe he is a boy lol. "Mommy, Mr.Kitty is a girl!" He doesn't seem to mind the name change. He is tucked in beside me, warm and safe, his purr vibrating through the bed. Safe and happy and home-forever. Thanks to Beth for all her hard work and kindness. You truly are an angel to these little lost souls.

Caroline said...

Oh sure Beth, the one day you forget your camera!! Here we are, all waiting breathlessly for the "rescue" video and song! What a let down, lol! That's ok better you forget your camera than the cats!