Friday, January 29, 2010

A Friday Update

I'm happy to report that "Jazz" is now in her forever home. :) Although I couldn't be at the shelter when they adopted her, I spoke with Meagan and I know she's in good, loving hands. Promises have been made to send me "After" pictures. I can hardly wait.

I woke up this morning and with some renewed inspiration and was excited to meet a friend for coffee at 1:00. It's been a dark few weeks for me and even darker after a recent altercation with my youngest son, so I was really looking forward to some "girl talk".

As I type his post it's 12:50 pm and I had to cancel my girl-time-fun. I'm waiting for Road Services to show up and repair my frickin' FLAT TIRE! Seriously....I really deserve a break, God. I just wanted to have a cup of coffee with a friend, talk about how much men tick us off, and cat crap. Is that too much to ask? Fortunately, I was stranded nearby and could manage to get home and wait for the road services guy.

The good news is, it looks like my friend Julie is going to rescue "Electra" a little pregnant Mom! I'm just waiting for approval so she can go get her:

I hate it when pregnant cats have to deliver their kittens in the shelter. As a Mom myself, I can't imagine what it would be like to feel SO unsafe and try to deliver babies.

Speaking of babies....

Boris was looking EXTRA photogenic and cute last night:

As I type this, I'm listening to my youngest son vacuum. (He wanted to make some extra money by cleaning the house.) One of the cats barfed under the dining room table this morning and I'm thrilled that he'll have to clean it.

Sometimes in the darkest hours, one can look to the *little* things for joy. :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Hump Day Ramble

I had to take my own little senior girl Pella to the vets this morning. She was looking VERY snuggly in "her spot" next to the heater. (I finally caved and put a towel in the corner because she looked so pitiful laying on the cold wood floors.)

Pella knew something was up. Who wakes up a sleeping cat if they can help it? As soon as Pella saw the cat crate she started gagging and barfed all down the front of me.


I guess when you've had ALL of your teeth removed, the vet isn't a source of great comfort. Poor little girl.

I wanted to make sure that I thank those of you who took the time to write me via email or comments over my last post. Let me assure you that everything is OK and the rescue is still a great place to volunteer - that's why I'm STILL volunteering by fostering little Boris. Your thoughts meant the world to me. Really and truly :)

I've had a few people interested in adopting cats directly from the shelter over the past few days. (yay!) I always have a list of questions to ask potential adopters. I don't make it easy on folks who want to adopt because there is no adoption fee and I need assurance that they have the funds to spay or neuter the cat. Because they're adopting from the shelter and not from the rescue, there is no quarantine period and no in-home assessment as to their personality. I need to know that the cat will NEVER end up back at the shelter again.

So that brings me to "Dawn" who wanted to adopt "a baby kitten". She's never had a kitten before, so I suggested fostering *first*. "No." She didn't want to foster. She wanted her own little bundle of joy, because.....she moved here from Calgary and had to give away her puppy before she moved! But he went to a "really cool farm where he could play and stuff."

Oh. My Gosh. Stupid, ignorant people. *argh* She won't be adopting from me.

I'm really hoping this other woman calls me back about adopting "Jazz" from the shelter. Kim tells me she's VERY sweet:

We've exchanged a bunch of emails about Jazz, but I need to actually speak with her if she is to adopt this little girl.

Sooooooooooooo.....*yawn*....that's it for my Wednesday. I bought an ugly lamp at Home Sense, I've taken a nap and have fantasized about throwing cat barf on the neighbour's car.

I wonder what excitement Thursday will hold for me? (*wink*)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Patience is Not *MY* Virtue

I'm bored. I'm not just "bored". I'm so bored I've picked cat hair off my navy blue pea coat and I'm not even wearing it. I've taken pictures of my cats in every possible cute pose, called my parents, my daughter, and walked to the local bakery tonight because I thought I desperately needed a FRESH baguette with dinner.

This is usually a busy time for rescue, but I really haven't been on the rescue-side of things. Cats are being rescued - just not by me. January is generally a wonderful time for adoptions, healthy cats at the shelter, and slow euthanasia rates.

I've considered starting my own rescue again, but I've enjoyed the freedom of being merely a foster parent gives me. No more midnight hysterical phone calls from foster parents and I don't have to worry about veterinary bills.

I'm still responding to adoption emails that come into the shelter from people who saw a cat on their website. I guess that's where my heart is - at that shelter. I wish they'd start an adoption program. I'd be the first in line to ask for a job. (Me? A job?)

Strange, that I'm being so impatient about this. I've been overly busy with rescue for many years without ever having a paid job. You'd think that I'd be thrilled to have some downtime to learn French or workout at the gym. (*puke*) My youngest son tells me that I'm driving him crazy with my constant nagging and questions regarding his academic future.

I'm not sure why, but I feel like this is a turning point for me. Something is going to happen. I don't know what it is, or if it's good or bad...but whatever it is, it requires my schedule to be free. Because suddenly that's what I have - a free schedule. Weird and a little frightening.

Until this revelation reveals itself, y'all are going to be stuck looking at cute pictures of Boris - this time with his new best buddy "Thomas":

Thomas and Mini-Thomas

Monday, January 25, 2010

Squirrel-Killing-Animal-Hating Neighbours - They're Baaaaack!

In case you haven't had enough to smile or laugh about lately, I thought I'd post my most recent encounter with The Squirrel-Killing-Animal-Hating Neighbours . The day went something like this:

I love Mondays, because my sweet cat-loving housekeepers arrive to clean my home. I usually try to leave on Monday mornings so they can have the house to themselves to clean. Because there was no Monday morning rescue, I defaulted to my 2nd favourite spot: "Home Sense". I came home to the following letter laying across my keyboard: (Don't try to squint, I've typed out the letter below as Maria wrote it out. I didn't edit the letter)

Hi Beth! (laughing)

Old bidy to ur left come knocking at ur door accusing of someone from this house throwing cigarette butts on her side.

She left them outside on the door on the ledge.

Her and her pink/flower rain boots wants u to know that her husband is a doctor and a cancer researcher, and something about her daughter (by this time, trying not to burst in laughter).

She is very, very, very angry about it and she wouldn't tolerate this any longer. She also made aware that u and her don't see eye to eye.

I told your son about it - which we kind of thought she belong to the loony bin!


(I love Maria!) Soooooo......The nutty neighbour left a HUGE pile of cigarette butts at my front door and left! We don't even smoke!! What else could I do but laugh? She's frickin' nuts and has issues far more than my presence of my cat den or cigarette butts in her yard.

If that letter wasn't enough to make you smile, maybe this recent sugar-sweet moment with Boris will:

Nope! Nothing can ruin my day today :)

Friday, January 22, 2010


It won't come as a surprise to anybody that knows me that I went to the shelter today and rescued this little guy! I named him "Boris" and he's about 9 weeks old of pure "ornery".

There aren't any kittens at the shelter right now, so I was surprised to see this little guy. He had been there for 3 days! He's currently in my son's room ("The Land of Dirty Underwear") and having a ball!

I could hear my son crying out "OOOOWW!" as the little guy climbed up the side of his leg. I'm afraid Boris is going to think his name is "Little Shit" pretty soon.

At the risk of needing insulin, I've posted some pictures of my new charge below. Nobody can disagree that he's a photogenic little guy...

Yes, I'm in "tabby heaven"...

After a rather crummy week, I'm high as a kite over this little man.

I'm in love with him already.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Memories in Pictures - Part 2

I've had such a good time going through my old pictures. As promised, I've posted more pictures from my rescue archive. This time, it's a bunch of wonderful "Before" and "After" pictures!

Byron before...

Byron After!!

Cricket Before....

Cricket After!
This little monkey is still available for adoption with a different rescue: Cricket's Adoption Bio

Gilbert before...

Gilbert after!

Kaye is a purebred Persian -'s her before picture

Beautiful Kaye - after!

"Nigel" before...

Nigel after!

Ripley before....

Ripley after!

"Tiny" before....

Tiny after!

Behind all of these remarkable pictures are remarkable people that made it possible for these cats to have a forever home: Shelter staff who kept them alive despite the odds, drivers, foster homes, veterinarians, adopters, and....the list goes on and on...

Hope you're still smiling (I am!)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Memories in Pictures - Part 1

It's been a dreadful week and it's only Wednesday.

"Expect trouble as an inevitable part of life and when it comes, hold your head high, look it squarely in the eye and say, "I will be bigger than you. You cannot defeat me." -Ann Landers

You know it's really bad when I'm quoting Ann Landers :)

Over the years, I've kept various pictures that people have sent me. Some are from foster parents and some are from adopters - they aren't random pictures from the net. All of these cats were rescued from euthanasia at the shelter. These are cats that I have known and have been involved with their rescue and/or adoption. I found myself smiling as I scrolled through them.

I thought I'd share a few over the next few days - hope they make you smile too!

Are you smilin' yet?

More to come tomorrow...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Where's the Sunshine When I Need It?

I went to the shelter today and managed to rescue a very cute little guy named "Leo" that was marked "Urgent". I love it when a foster Mom contacts me and starts her email: "I wanted to call you before you left for the shelter..." Ahh. Music to my ears!

Over the weekend, we rescued some cuties and the "After" pictures are starting to come in:

"Paulie" (aka: "Polly") BEFORE...

Paulie - now "Finnian" AFTER! I think this guy has the sad face down pat. Nobody has told him that he doesn't have to look like that anymore now that he's rescued and safe!

Remember these guys?

Looks like they've figured out where the best spot in the house is:Thought I'd also give an update on Travis. :

Travis is happy and living with his new Dad! He's had his eye surgery and only ONE eye needed to be removed. The left eye is still intact, but is still fighting the virus. The vet thinks there is some vision in this eye. How much? We don't know. Maybe some shadows. You can see in the picture above that there is still much redness in the left eye. I was able to see Travis today. I really miss that little boy, but am so grateful he seems happy in his new home. We couldn't have asked for a better outcome.

Despite the happy endings, I'm still feeling very melancholy and am struggling to keep my chin up. Maybe it's the dark days or maybe it's just life in general. Regardless, I'm looking forward to lunch tomorrow with some friends. Maybe I'll sleep in tomorrow if the cats will let me.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday at the Shelter

Nothing speaks contentment more than a Sunday morning fire in the fireplace and a cat in your lap as you blog. I have to stop typing every few words as my little black cat "Pella" tries to lick on the top of my raisin toast.

I met a foster family at the shelter yesterday. It never ceases to amaze me how different the weekends are at the shelter. It's very quiet and relaxed. The staff seems peaceful. After much deliberating, the couple decided on THREE foster cats!

"Jelly Bean is a homely little thing, but she's really sweet!

"Snowflake" was surrendered to the shelter due to family allergies.

"Whisper" had been at the shelter for more thn a month. She's SWEET!

Another foster Mom came forward for this little guy:

We found out that "Polly" is actually a "Paulie"

I think I'm going back to the shelter tomorrow. I woke up in the middle of the night last night thinking about some of the faces that I saw. Tuesday the vet comes to euthanize the unfortunate souls whose time is if I'm going to rescue somebody, I need to go tomorrow.

I'm beginning to think that I use Monday morning rescues as a way to avoid becoming one of the "Starbucks Ladies" who jog by my house every morning. I saw the little group on Friday running with their Starbucks *and* Lulu Lemon bags! My big butt hates them.

Screw it. I'll let Pella lick the butter off my raisin toast. It's a start.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Piece of Joy

I was an official "Cat Taxi" today and was on the road by 9 a.m. to pick up Travis and another VERY cute boy named A.J. I took them both to the vets for their surgeries. A.J. is 11 years old and was rescued with his brother Arthur after his guardian passed away and they were left without a home.

A.J. was the cutest thing - I could hear him purring from the back seat! I could also smell him! He had such bad teeth and his mouth smelled like it was rotten. I bet he feels like a new guy after his dental surgery today. Everytime I looked in the backseat he was looking at me adoringly and purring. I'm in love. :)

Yesterday, I posted a Mom and her babies that I rescued and placed in a loving foster home:

Mom and Kids

CUTENESS ALERT: (the after pictures!)
The following picture had me laughing out loud. I know this foster Mom and she had a lovely bright room for the little family set up when I arrived. ALL the comforts you can imagine! But look where Mom cat ended up nursing her babies...

I can't imagine why anyone would NOT want to foster after seeing these pictures. What great joy these little faces bring to your lives!