Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trying to Stay Busy Today

I've been trying to stay away from the news regarding the OSPCA mess. I heard something about it being a "big misunderstanding" and I got pissed and turned off the radio.

All I could think about is "how many cats will die tomorrow at the shelter where I rescue?" This happens ALL the time and these cats don't have ringworm. (Do I sound bitter?)

Bah! Moving on...

I named my new foster guy "Owen" as a tribute to the actor Owen Wilson. My little Owen still has lots of swelling on the bridge of his nose, and it reminded my son of Owen Wilson. Perfect name! He's definitely not as cute as the kittens I've fostered recently, but this guy is really LOW maintenance! He walked through the door....gave high^5's to all the cats, a token hiss to the dog and he was totally fine. In fact, I let him out of The Land of Dirty Underwear and found him two hours later on MY bed in the middle of all the other cats acting like he's lived here forever:

There was a moment where my big white cat Ozzy looked at him...then looked at me as if to say, "Do I need to go pee on something here?"

Owen has started following me around quite a bit too. Every time I turn around, I'm accidently kicking him. Then I have to run after him, crawling under the dining room table to give him kisses. If you have cats, you know the routine. :)

I'm leaving Saturday for California to visit my daughter. I sometimes forget that she's a grown, professional woman in her own apartment. I'm always tempted to give her unsolicited advice and a lecture about birth control. Once a Mom, always a Mom. I'm almost 50 years old and my Mother still tells me that I overcook the green beans.

But I digress...

I'm doing one more rescue tomorrow before I leave. I'm pretty happy about this small rescue, since I get to rescue a couple of cats that have been there a LONG time. I'll write about them tomorrow.


Steve Bartlett said...

How can you say Owen is "not cute"? He's adorable.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Steve, love that little white face :) he is beautiful.

canuckpet said...

Your Ozzy sounds like one of mine lol

I agree with Steve, Owen is adorable - looking forward to tomorrow's post

whitesocks said...

Totally agree with your perspective on the whole OSPCA thing :(. I'm glad you shared your thoughts with all of us: great opportunity to hammer in the point about the number of animals killed at shelters each week for NO fault of their own. It's become my mission to try and hammer that point in to various colleagues etc...please, don't buy! Please adopt! It's amazing how so many who love animals only love THEIR OWN but dont' think twice about buying from shops or mills.
So your post became a way to talk about the issue and help spread the word.
That photo of the two black kittens on the dog...CUUUUTE. I'm so saving it on my desktop!

SwSmartie said...

Still haven't named my bunch, but I'm thinking naming them after actors would be great.

I kind of want to name the runt Polly (as in Polly Pocket). lol

Cat said...

I have to laugh Beth, your comment about accidently kicking Owen is so familiar. My big cat Casper is always at the back door when I leave in the morning blocking the way. Just today, I picked him up and moved his aside, but when I turned around to go out he was already back and I hoofed him in the nose with my shin! As he bolted under the dining room table I was running after him saying I'm sorry which is useless because he is deaf. Anyway he came out when he saw me and I gave him some strokes, but the cutest thing was that he peeked around the corner of the kitchen warily looking to back door as if some danger still lurked there because of course his mum would never do such a thing to him. You've got to love the faith they have in us :-)