Friday, May 14, 2010

Back in Black

I had every intention of posting pictures of my rescues today, but they disappeared off the shelter site! Phooey!

(UPDATE Saturday, May 15th) : Many thanks to Debbie at Forgotten Ones Rescue who sent me the pictures of Walley and Brutis:)

It's always very exciting for me to rescue black cats. So few people want them, which sadly means they hold up a space in a foster home for a longer period of time. I rescued two black cats from the shelter today...."Walley" and "Brutis". Both cats had been at the shelter for over 2 months and seemed SO happy to be out. You should've seen their faces when I brought them out to the sunshine. I'm sure they never thought they'd see sunlight again.

I've noticed that within our rescue more black cats have been adopted lately. Maybe word is starting to spread and people are becoming more aware of the plight of these gorgeous cats!

Kim has asked me to post for a very sweet black senior cat that was surrendered to the shelter yesterday. Once again, his owner died and the family dumped the poor guy at the shelter.

Gizmo is 15 years old and somebody loved him dearly. His coat is soft and shiny and he loves attention. He looks REALLY good - hard to believe he's 15 years old. He's still wearing his collar that his Mom gave him. Both of his ears have cauliflower ears - probably due to earmites that are no longer there. Gizmo was supposed to be euthanized this morning, but Kim couldn't do it.

Gizmo has until Tuesday to find a home, or he'll die. No point in sugar coating it.

Another sweet guy that I've had a chance to spend time with is "Franklin":

Franklin is REALLY sweet - he's a big, strong panther looking guy and already neutered. He's another cat that's been at the shelter waaaay too long. He was surrendered to the shelter for some lame reason or another.

It's a privilege to rescue these magnificent cats. What a victory to walk out the door with two black cats!

I leave tomorrow morning for 4 days in California to visit my daughter. Then I fly up the coast to Seattle to visit my parents for another 3 days. Neither location has cats, (but spoiled dogs run amuck!) so I might be in withdrawal by the time I get back.

Fortunately, I'll have email. If you can save Gizmo's life please email me through this blog or Kim at .


Steve Bartlett said...

I have three of the most amazing black kittens ever invented in the history of the universe. When it's time for them to be adopted I won't be allowed anywhere near them; otherwise I will be SO FUSSY about who gets to have these guys (and girl).

Thε Countεss said...

I love you. Reading your blog always brightens up my day. Some posts are sad.. and I know they make you sad. But thank you for always sharing. I have 3 rescued furbabies, and I moved to Finland from Toronto and they all came with me. It was such a struggle and a lot of running around (not to mention money-wise) to get all of the paperwork and medical stuff done, but I wouldn't have left them behind. Thank you for doing what you do. And thank you again for putting a smile on my face with your happy tales.