Friday, May 07, 2010

Friday Updates & Miscellaneous

Somehow, Fridays have become a day for miscellaneous stuff going on. I've reread other Friday posts and have found them to be a little disorganized. But that's me - "a little disorganized".

First, let me say that little Ellie is doing well. She's currently at the vets being assessed, and it's unknown if she'll need surgery. She definitely needs medical care - antibiotics, pain meds etc. Everybody loves her at the clinic. (Ask me if I'm surprised!)


A nice Before and After picture of "Graham":

Graham before.....

Ridiculously CUTE Graham...AFTER!

This has to be one of the cutest "after" pictures I've ever posted. Seriously.

When I was at the shelter yesterday, I walked through an area called "Dog Holding". It's where they put new dogs that arrive at the shelter, and it's also where they put some of the big cats or bonded pairs of cats. I like to visit that area, because of my love of the big cats.

Much to my surprise, I walked around the corner and ran into THIS guy:

I think I screamed out loud when I saw him. LOL! Sometimes I forget that this is animal control. They deal with ALL animals - not just dogs and cats. This turkey was brought into the shelter because he was I'll just say it: "He was humping. Everything." While I was there, this character was poofed out and trying very hard to get the attention of any girl turkeys that just might be lingering at the shelter too. Surprisingly, he was REALLY sweet! I was scratching his head and petting him. What's wrong with me that I really really liked this turkey???

"Beth'" How does that sound? (*smirk*)

From the Inbox:

So you know it's not just me, I received the following email from a friend of mine who rescued a couple of cats from the shelter. (Edited for length):

"...The little buff coloured boy was the first to puke. Actually he was also the second. He must have thought the blanket in the carrier was cashmere because he very carefully emptied his stomach onto his sister’s head...(Toby)yodelled for a good 45 seconds before puking in the front of the carrier and out it’s metal door. Clearly he HATES puke because he immediately went as far back in the carrier as he could go…….and had a giant smelly dump. Now you gotta feel for a guy that stuck in a carrier between turds and tossed cookies. Toby decided quickly that wallowing in his own puke while trying to escape his confinement would be well worth it. I’m happy to report that he failed in his attempt but he did mange to get the contents of the carrier all over himself..."

Why read Harlequin Romance novels when you've got these kind of emails?
I'm finding that my new little guy "Josh" is probably too sweet for my house. He and Howard don't play together as much as I thought they would. But I did capture this moment was cuteness in a ray of sunshine this morning:

It's been a really productive rescue week. Thank you for joining me on the rescue rollercoaster ride.

Happy Friday :)


NoviceLife said...

OMG is Graham CA-UTE or what!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Graham is so adorable! Is he in a foster home or has he already found his forever one? I'm so glad Ellie got rescued and is getting help. The poor girl must be in pain. you say Josh is probably too sweet for your house, does that mean you might be thinking of another foster home for him (am I sounding too hopeful) because I'm pretty sure Sammy and Bertie would love him as a playmate :-) (and the fact that I think he is utterly cute has nothing to do with it, honest!)


Carolyn said...

LMAO - what a surprise to see the turkey in a cage! A little humour goes a long was after reading of the sad plight of so many kitties. I hope Toby's got the shelter out of his system completely.
Just you wait a little, Beth, Josh my turn out to be not so sweet real soon. :)
I'm happy for Graham and Ellie getting the care they deserve.

Anonymous said...

OMG funniest post EVER. I laughed SO hard..that pic of that turkey is hilarious. It almost has an expression.

House of the Discarded said...

Cindy: You're as hopeless as I am! I'm thinking that you're hoping for a cancelled plane flight this week :)



Anonymous said...

LOL, was I *that* obvious Beth? :-), although I'm looking forward to seeing my family, there's a huuuge part that would rather have stayed home this week so I could have a new foster straight away :-) Rita has only been gone a week tomorrow and I can't wait to get back and have another foster :-) (and I just know I'm going to miss Sammy and Bertie like mad...)


whitesocks said...

Love the pic of the turkey...and yes, they really ARE sweet (except when they've been abused by humans and so turn any other creature), which is why it's such a shame they're treated so badly in those horrible turkey farms and THEN killed after an awful life.

That's why we eat Tofurkey! It may not taste so good, but at least some poor creature hasn't suffered horribly so we could have a few moments of pleasure!

Lisa said...

I think Graham's before and after pics say everything that needs to be said about the merits of rescuing cats...and I swear if I won the lottery, my house would be a cattery. Both Ellie and Graham would be there. If I could find a way to have them now, I would!! Tooooo adorable!
And Beth, as far as the turkey goes, you HAVE to find a way to let the shelter let you take him home for a few days. Put him in your cat run to reallllllly give your squirrel-killing neighbours a fright! lol

House of the Discarded said...

Lisa: I would pay BIG $$'s to rent that turkey for a weekend! LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!

havetailwillwag said...

i've never met a turkey before! i didn't know they were sweet and liked to be petted. so what will happen to this handsome guy? do people adopt turkeys as pets?

House of the Discarded said...

Havetailwillwag: Somebody from the shelter knows someone with a "turkey friendly" farm. He'll live to be an OLD turkey there :)