Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pass the Ice Cream, Please

What a great volunteer job. I picked up 7 kittens this morning and played with them off and on all day today. For me, it sure beats giving blood, or pricing clothes at the local Salvation Army.

When I arrived at the shelter, I was greeted by Aaron who usually works maintenance. He said, "Beth, I need your help." Now I just KNEW he wasn't going to ask me to open a jar of pickles. But he led me to this little girl:

"Edith" is a 2 week old calico. She started nursing on my chin, so I called my friend Kathleen who never turns me down to help a chin-nursing-angel-calico. :) Kathleen is going to foster her on a VERY temporary basis, but this little girl needs a place to go...maybe even a real Mommy that can give her what she needs. She was eating some solid food and I bottle fed her at my house. (OMG...I need a grandbaby!)

I put two kittens in The Land of Dirty Underwear, and 5 kittens in one of the washrooms. It was mayhem! I could hear galloping, squealing, more galloping....they had a ball!

I had to pick up six of the adult cats that I rescued yesterday from the vets. Dr. S is so awesome - he spayed all of them for us today! I met a really lovely volunteer at the local Tim Horton's parking lot. It was stupidly hot and transferring newly spayed female cats into cat carriers on an oven-like parking lot was brutal. I've never lost a cat while making the transfer, but I came pretty close to losing Kokie today. I grabbed her by the tail as she broke through the carrier front. She must've been so frightened - not as frightened as I was. We were in farm country, and I never would've found her.

Another foster Mom came by the house this afternoon to pick up her 3 foster kittens. I know she reads this blog and I have to wonder what she was thinking when I introduced her to my oldest son..."Ya know...the one from The Land of Dirty Underwear". Hahaha :)

Tonight, David and I are driving into the city with 4 of the remaining kittens to take them to their foster parents. I'm hoping on the way back we can stop at my favourite ice cream place.

After today, I sure deserve it. :)


Khyra, Khousin Merdie, And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Oh yes!

Every rescuer/transporter's worst nightmare -

Here is one that ended well - three weeks and three days after she slipped her lead/collar on a transport

Keep up the good work -

I bet that ice cream tasted EXTRA special!

Anonymous said...

I have such kitten fever, and can't take any - augh! I am so looking forward to fall, when I can foster again. I'll take a double batch! I'm so glad for the gang you rescued today. Enjoy the ice cream.


Cat said...

Hi Beth,

I will have Thursdays free this summer and was wondering if you needed volunteer drivers? I live in the east end of Toronto and I would be happy meet you at your favourite Timmies and pick up any kitties that need to come this way. I have four cats already and cannot adopt any more so I was hoping to contribute this way. Please let me know if I can help.


House of the Discarded said...

Catrina: Yes, yes, and YES! Please email me!! :)