Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chomping at the Bit

On the days that I don't go into the shelter, I find myself spending far too much time thinking about the cats there. I sit at the computer obsessing about faces I've seen and available foster space.

I guess the key verb is "obsessing". I hate that I can't emotionally forget about it for a day.

I'm doing a rescue tomorrow (for another rescue organization) for two VERY cute brothers:

Note that I only published ONE brother's picture. The reason? They look exactly the same! These guys are adorable. The rescue that is taking them won't be disappointed. They are friendly and really sweet! They came into the shelter already neutered and declawed.

I've received a couple of emails from foster parents who have had their foster cats adopted and are ready for another. (Can I say, "Yahoo!"?) So Saturday, I'm doing another rescue!

I don't usually rescue on the weekends, but David has some geeky Canadian Bridge Championship all weekend and into next week, so I'm basically a single girl for 4 or 5 days. I'm not complaining - although, I'm going to miss him, I've mentally thought about ALL the food David won't eat and am planning on going to those restaurants. Tonight? SUSHI!

But I digress...

Most people would find it really weird that I'm sitting here chomping at the bit to run to the shelter to grab cats so they don't have to spend another night there. I keep sending ridiculous mental vibes to them: "I'm coming tomorrow!" "I'll be there soon!" "Don't worry!"

No doubt Saturday's rescue will turn out to be tomorrow's rescue too. I won't be able to leave them there, and whomever I get can just hang out in the Land of Dirty Underwear. I'm taking the kid for Sushi tonight, so he owes me.

Tonight I'm thinking about the faces....Oh, those sweet little faces.

"I'll be there tomorrow. I promise."


whitesocks said...

Welcome back, Beth! Missed you!

You'll be happy to know Tuna has a wonderful home :). I'm taking her there next weekend.

I was silly enough not to write down the great tips one of your commenters had left for cats with gastrointestnal issues (people had suggested various foods -- you wouldn't remember or be able to find the info, right?), and was looking through your posts of the last few months trying to find the info, when I read your comment that the kittens on main photo of your blog were among those killed, and you kept the photo there as a reminder of the importance of doing what you (and many of us, to a lesser extent than you) do. I literally had to force myself to breathe for some minutes when I read this. I'd always assumed they were among your rescues.

Now I look at that photo for some seconds each time I read your blog. Such beautiful little creatures, so full of intelligence, curiosity, opening out the world, and will to live...thanks for keeping that photo there for each of us to see, and DO something. I want to show it to each person who does not fix their animals or buys...these are the casualties of their unthinking, callous decisions.

Sorry for the long comment. I'll stop now :).

House of the Discarded said...

Whitesocks: HURRAY for TUNA! I bet you're BEYOND relieved!

I'll look around my comments for the gastro post. If anybody else knows where it is, please let me know :)