Monday, May 10, 2010

The More the Merrier

The rescue roller coaster has certainly earned it's name today. Overall, it was a productive good day. I went to the shelter with a small rescue list - just 3 - but to those three cats, it made the difference between life and death.

I received an email from another rescue organization last night about my favourite little girl Chase. She asked if I liked Chase (YES!!), and if Chase is a nice cat, (OMG...YES!). Chase is one of those cats that made me feel guilty every time I'd go into the shelter. She was in the dog holding area where the staff often puts bigger cats and she was between a barking dog and a big ol' turkey. Chase didn't care - she just wanted to be loved. The director of the other rescue organization reads my blog and couldn't stop thinking about Chase, after she read the story. (*goosebumps*)

Every time I'd call Chase's name, she'd come running to the front. She's a little bowling ball - chubby with tiny little legs. I couldn't stop kissing her today...finally, the guilt is over! I rescued Chase and met with the other rescue and gave her to them. They're a top notch rescue, so I know she'll be in good hands.

I also rescued "Pongo":

Pongo is a Maine Coone that was brought into the shelter and put into Quarantine for biting his finder. What they didn't say, is that Pongo had such severe matts to his fur that his skin was ripping and bleeding. If somebody picked ME up in that condition, I'd bite 'em too. It must've been brutally painful. He's been at the shelter for more than a month in that condition. He couldn't even walk. He just flopped over.

I got a call from Kim last night asking me to help with a cat named "Corky" at the shelter. She said that Corky kept slamming his face against the door of the cage and his eyes and the top of his head were swollen and bleeding. I'm convinced, just like us, cats get claustrophobia. Kim wasn't working today, but she said there's be a sign on the cage so I'd know which cat I should take.

I walked through the aisles of cages and came to this:

Needless to say, Corky came home with me :) He licked my face and didn't stop purring. He's about 5 months old and has a pink nose. I love him already. :)

Some very exciting news: A large veterinary office contacted me. They run a decent size rescue out of their clinic. They had heard through one of our awesome foster homes what happens at this high-kill shelter and they want to help the nursing Moms and kittens! As I type this blog post, they're meeting with Kim at the shelter to take a tour and pick up the little families! I wish I could be there for the meeting, but the timing didn't work out for me.

Tomorrow is another rescue day and am anxious to get the list of the cats to rescue. I'm not really involved with picking these cats, but am hoping that some of my favourites will be on that list. The shelter wasn't overly full today, so I'm praying the euthanasia day will be small tomorrow. I guess people didn't want to surrender Mom's cat on Mother's Day.

It was really nice working with other rescues today. It keeps me out of isolation and it's an opportunity to tell new groups about the plight at this particular shelter. I have an ongoing fantasy that there are no cats at the shelter to rescue, and 10 different rescue groups start fighting over one litter of kittens that were brought in....

How cool would that be?


Kristen said...

Sounds great that there are resources pooling, Beth. Its great to read, especially in the month of May how other places are hearing about things and wanting to help. Its why networking is so strong. When us animal lovers get together, we can move mountains....or at least cat poop!

Poor maine coon, those are such gorgeous cats, sounds like he needs to have a "britney" and have a shave to rid himself of his pain.

I shake my head when you say you feel guilty about these poor little guys that get dumped. YOU felt guilty for Chase... and their owner obviously did not. You shoulder the guilt for the stupid human beings in this world that see pets as a novelty and not a family member. You're a special girl, Beth! :)

House of the Discarded said...

Kristen: ((HUGS))) Thank you!

You're absolutely right about pooling and networking. I really think that this blog has inadvertently made a difference in that regard. I had no idea when I started writing this thing that I might end up getting more people involved.

Amanda said...

Oh I'm SO glad to hear about sweet Chase!! Just like the rescuer, I couldn't stop thinking about her when I read her story. Just the sight of her sitting in that wee tiny litter box wondering what she did glad she's getting a second chance. And hopefully to a better home where she'll actually be loved this time. Rootin' for you and all the rescues you do!! It's people like you who make such a difference...even when it may not feel like it.

Anonymous said...

So much good news that I had to read it twice. Hurray for you and the veterinarian clinic and the other rescue. You guys made my day

Caroline said...

Hi Beth

Yay for Chase, althought it's unfortunate the shelter didn't shave him before quarantining him. Yay for Corky too and Pongo who looks hilarious screaming, like she owns the AC. Please check out the website Cute Boys with Cats, its great!

Amy said...

Just wanted to let you know that this blog definitely makes a difference. I already have three cats, but because I read your blog, I've referred friends to you to foster/adopt guys from the Hamilton shelter. A friend of mine who didn't even think she was a "cat person" fostered (and later adopted) two little guys from you over the winter. Now we can go out for lunch and have some good cat talk ;) Thanks for all your hard work!

House of the Discarded said...

Amy: Thank you so much for the smile this morning! :) There's nothing like a little "cat talk" between women. Keep sending the referrals my way!


CanuckPet said...

Amazing news on the moms, and Chase!

I am glad other rescues are pooling to rescue some