Friday, May 28, 2010

Breaking Even

When I went to bed last night, I had a long list of cats to rescue. I have an ongoing nightmare after days like today that I go to my car and discover a cat that is still in a carrier and is hungry and thirsty and has no place to go. Then I wake up.

By 10 a.m, my long list of cats to rescue had gone *poof*. We had an adopter back out and there was an emergency with a cat at Petsmart, and that cat had to take the place of a cat who would've been rescued at the shelter today. It sucks, but that's what happens with rescue sometimes. I was watching my "to rescue" list dwindle and my heart sank.

The adopter that backed out was a young woman that Kathleen had been working with the entire week I had been out of town. It was a "courtesy adoption" and not part of the usual rescue adoption process. She was very interested in "Calum":
After a week of emails and screwing around with this woman, Kathleen FINALLY got her to commit to a time and place today. We were all meeting up at the same location in the city. It was exciting - Calum had been at the shelter for such a long time.

Then, the email came in this morning:

" Kathleen, It is my deepest sadness to write this but my boyfriend came home from his shift late tonight and I discussed with him about me picking up Calum. I had already asked him prior and he told me I could do what I want and it was my decision, but now after I told him that I am going ahead with the plans to adopt, he has changed his mind.."

Sooo....screw her. She obviously has no control over her life and the boyfriend calls the shots. Calum was better off at the shelter on death row than in that situation.

When I arrived at the shelter today, I found that a cat I was going to rescue had been euthanized this morning. Imagine me walking up and down the aisles peeking into cage after cage after cage holding my cat carrier. My heart sank when I came to the last cage and she wasn't in it. What else could I do but brush off the dust and find a suitable cat in need for the foster home?

To make a long story short, as I'm leaving the shelter today another rescue calls and says, "We can take Minucho....and one other one..." I turn the car around in the middle of the street and went back to grab Minucho:

....and can you guess who my "other one" was????

C...A....L...U...M!!! After all that crap, Calum ended up being rescued anyway. Many thanks to Debbie who was a hero today in my book!

I also ended up rescuing Ozwald who had been at the shelter for 3 months, bless his little heart:

I also received a call from Guinea Pig Rescue last night and they found out I was going to be at the shelter today, so I left with 2 guinea pigs too!

Seven cats and 2 guinea pigs. Despite the morning downer, it turned out to be a wonderful (and surprising) rescue day.

I can't imagine this blog post being titled anything else...


Anonymous said...

Yay for Calum! He's gorgeous, and looks like a love.

I hope that gutless idiot regrets this for a long time.

Laura HP said...

Hooray for getting Calum! I love Oswald's markings. And as a small animal person, I'm glad to hear that you got two guinea pigs! Do you know if there's a rescue consistently getting small animals out of there?

House of the Discarded said...

Laura: I was hoping you'd read today's post! I know that Rabbit Rescue comes in and takes bunnies. The shelter has a HUGE number of really friendly rats right now. The rescue is in London, and they need a driver to help with transport.

Let me know if you know of anybody that can help!


Thε Countεss said...

I am very pleased Calum and other kitties got their chance. My heart sank with yours when I read about the kitty that was on your list but was already euthanized. However, tears came to my eyes to later down the blog read Calum was rescued, and to see the picture of him in your arms, priceless.

I commend you for being such a wonderful and strong person. God knows I'd cry my eyes out every single time.. and I'd feel so powerless when time to make hard decisions would come.

Thanks for always making my day.

- Mirnie Vanhanen

House of the Discarded said...

Mirnie: Thank you so much - but you're stronger than you think :)


Caroline said...

Yay for Callum, what a happy boy he is! Great also for the other rescued ones. Question how did the guinea pigs feel being in a car with 5 cats? Did ya put the pigs in the front seat? lol


House of the Discarded said...

Caroline: The pigs were definitely in the front seat!!! I could hear lots of scurrying around in their crates. Poor little guys! They sure were cute!

CanuckPet said...

Yay for Callum, he is just adorable looking and has been there way too long for such a sweet cat

selkie said...

I'm sorry about the one that wasn't there - that is heartbreaking. But such wonderful news about the others - I'm in love with Calum - what a sweetie! I have a particular weakness for those sweet orange toms.

Congratulations on a wonderful rescue day!