Saturday, May 22, 2010

Still in Seattle

I'm still in Seattle typing this blog post on my parent's computer. Why am I such a creature of habit that I have problems typing on some else's computer? It feels awkward, even though I type over 100 words per minute.

I've been in "cat withdrawal", so I went to visit my special cat friend from Sumner, Washington named Hunter. If you've never read about Hunter, I encourage you to do so. It's such a treat to see this big, sweet blind lug. I went into the cat store with many promises to David that I wouldn't buy any more "cat trinkets." (Came out with more cat earrings for $20.00 - hey - it's a DONATION, for heaven's sake!) But I digress...

Hunter's Mom told me that he had cancer. He's 15 years old now and the tumour was inoperable. Hunter still likes to eat, drink, play, and "go to work", so they felt he was doing ok. It was hard to say goodbye to him. It was probably the last time I would see him.

While I've been away, my own foster guy "Owen" has been sick. Gratefully, my son took him to the vets for me. I kept getting text messages from my son about various cats in the house: "I think Newman had a seizure last night"... "I think Willy has an eye infection." ...."Somebody pee'd on that plastic thingy in the bedroom." Joy.

Tomorrow, I'm back to "reality". For some reason, I'm not at all sad about it. I have an awesome "reality" and am happy to be going back to it.

I wonder which cat I'll kiss first?


whitesocks said...

Missed your posts, Beth! I'd have loved to meet you while you were in the LA area, but knew the little time you had with your daughter would be precious :).

Good news: Tuna has a great home :). Took her in for fixing on Friday, am placing her this week with a wonderful, committed woman who is really into animal rights -- we've been talking/emailing a lot and I feel confident that she'll be a great mom for Tuna.

BTW, if ever you have a deaf animal that needs placing, this wonderful woman called Katherine does a GREAT job getting the word out on her site, FB etc. Just let me know!

Caroline said...

Hi beth

We've missed your posts but am glad that you've had fun on your vacay. Safe trip back.