Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Travelin' Gal

It's hard to have a bad day on an insanely beautiful day like today. I had lots of driving to do, but nothing could spoil the day with the wind in my hair and the sun on my face.

When I arrived at the shelter, I was happy to learn that another rescue wanted one of the cats that I had planned to rescue. I'm always willing to "take one for the team", and found a different cat to rescue that would still make the foster home happy. It's nice to know that two were rescued because both the foster home and I were flexible. The fortunate fellow is "Edgar":
Ahhh Edgar! That boy must've saved up 4 days worth of poop and barf in the event he might be rescued and put into a cat carrier. I hadn't even left the shelter parking lot and I could hear Edgar throwing up. Don't get me wrong - I know that some cats don't travel well. But I had to drive with Edgar in the car for 2 hours today. He pooped somewhere within 10 minutes of the highway. I finally had to get off the highway to clean up the mess. The smell was taking the curl out of my hair, and what did he eat that was GREEN??? Holy God.

I also rescued 3 perfect little black kittens today too. They were probably about 5-6 weeks old. If this had been July, they would've never made it out of the shelter:
By the time I had arrived at the foster home, one of them had pooped and managed to roll in it. (Thankyouverymuch.) Many thanks to the foster Mom AND her roommates for allowing the extra kitten - I know 2 kittens was max....but what's "one more"? :)

I was pretty happy to be rescuing "Muffin" from the shelter today:

Esztella who reads this blog emailed me and offered to help Muffin. Muffin's former owner had surrendered him because she became so disabled that she could no longer care for him. It was my understanding that she was nearly hysterical at the shelter when she left him. I wish there was some way I could tell her that Muffin was OK and going to be loved forever. If you met Muffin, you'd know he must've been a VERY loved cat. He was the only "Good boy" in the car today!

Within a few minutes after I arrived home, Esztella sent me the following picture - it must've been taken within minutes of Muffin's arrival to her home:

Imagine the joy that this picture brought me!! The memories of the crummy bodily-function- filled journey dissolved and my heart filled with nothing but joy for the rescue.

Doesn't his face seem to be filled with gratitude? It hardly looks like the same cat.

You're welcome Muffin-Man :)


SwSmartie said...

he looks so well groomed in the after picture, like my cats after they've been attacked by the furminator!

sorry about the barf and poo on behalf of all the kitties. I should have been there, as I love torturing the cats by giving them baths! my mother in law accuses me of being cruel, but i think it's nice when my cats don't smell like feet. =)

CANNOT wait for my foster kittens are old enough for baths and furminator action!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the giggle! It's not often I actually laugh out loud from something that I've read but right now, my stomach hurts. If Muffin was a surrender would the staff not have an contact info?