Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Boys Club

I promised Kim that I'd tell people about two VERY handsome Tomcats who have been at the shelter far too long. I'm not sure why, but they keep getting overlooked by rescues. As kitten season begins, there isn't much hope for guys like these two, so am hoping that somebody sees their picture and will come forward to help one...or both?


Kentucky has been at the shelter the longest - TWO months. When I saw him today, he was laying on his one sheet of newspaper and look terribly depressed. I tried to talk with him, but he barely lifted his head..."why bother? You're not going to help me." He's really a nice boy with HUGE Tomcat cheeks. He seems FINE with other cats even though he's surrounded by other male cats and females in heat. It must feel like torture.

#2...."Charlie Brown"

Despite Charlie Brown's lion-like meow, he's really and truly a big, sweet lug. I love these big headed Tomcats! As soon as he came into the shelter, he immediately became a shelter favourite. When I saw him today, he seemed a little happier than in the past because he's in a double maternity cage so has a little bit more room to stretch. As the kittens keep coming in, this big boy is going to end up getting booted back to the "microwave oven" style cage - or euthanized. Charlie is mellow and gentle. He just wants to be loved.

If you can help them, please let me know. They don't have much time left.


Today was a great rescue day. I thought I was just going to rescue one cat, but it turned out to be a fabulous day!

As I type this, my new little guy "Stan Marsh" is now roaming through the house and seems happy for the change of scenary. I've replaced him with a temporary guy named "Sonic":

Sonic is going to his FOREVER HOME tonight! A lovely couple who adopted from me before are taking him home. He's a VERY sweet boy and has been neutered and declawed. When I let him out of his carrier in The Land of Dirty Underwear, he looked around then up at me as if to say, "Are you kidding me??" Why do I feel the need to apologize for my son's room to the foster cats? But that's another blog post and I digress...

These sweet blind kittens were also rescued today. Their blue eyes are TRULY blue - that's not the flash. The male is twice the size of the little female. They're adorable and already play fighting! I love that! Thank you to Kristen for given these little guys a chance. They were taken off the euthanasia list this morning at the last second.

A darling litter of five kittens is being picked up by a new foster home tonight. They all came from the same home despite the fact that they're ALL 2 weeks apart in age. Do you think the ignorant person FINALLY will get the female cats spayed? Probably not. Stupid. Stupid.

We had another 11th hour rescue last night when a foster Mom came forward to save "Norman" the Himalayan:

It blows my mind that this SWEET guy was scheduled to die this morning. He had matts on him the size of a baseball and his skin was ripping from the weight. I was horrified to see him in that condition. Fortunately, he's at the vet now and has been neutered and shaved today. I bet he's going to feel like a million $$'s!!! :)

Despite the large number of cats rescued by the rescue over the past few days, there are still more cats coming in than going out. It's truly heartbreaking. I never EVER want to make it seem hopeless. It's not.

Ask the cats rescued today if they feel hopeless. I think they'd tell you that they won the lottery.


Nicole Divitcoff said...

Anna (my friend and co-worker) was the new foster mom that adopted the 5 kittens today! She said they are doing great so far and getting used to their surroundings!! Yay for these guys AND the two blind kittens who I honestly thought would have had no chance! Thank you Kristen!

Anonymous said...

How humane is it to keep cats in cages for longer than a week? The Toms must be going out of their mind, would euthanasia not be a more humane choice? It would also free up the cages for more adoptable cats.

Caroline said...

Yay for Sonic, the blind kittens and the hairy Himalayan!

Anonymous said...

To Annonymous just because the two Toms have been overlooked it would certainly not be more humane to euthanize them! I rescued my Tom after he had been in a cage for 6months, he was on his last few days before his euthanasia date and I found him. For the last 9years he was the most grateful and loving cat ever and passed away at the age of 13+ a few months ago. These boys just need to find the right home.

Deb said...

If you know of anyone who would provide a loving home for Kentucky or Charlie Brown but cannot afford the adoption fee at this time please let me know and I would happily pay it. These huge, adult male cats are always the underdogs.

A Cat's Tale said...

Euthanasia is such a permanent solution vs. temporarily being in limbo, in a cage. If I understand correctly, this shelter is connected with a SPCA/Humane society which does the adoptions. Too bad they don't have a foster program that could foster cats like this.

I adopted one of my dogs from a shelter when he was four years old. He had been at that shelter for two years before I found him and adopted him. He was in a kennel with a dog house and run, so it probably was nicer then where the tomcats are housed. But if you ask my dog, I think he'd say being in that kennel was worth it.

SwSmartie said...

You guys should call around for donations from grooming schools or professional groomers. I have a nice little pair of shears for my kitties, but you need to be licensed to groom on site (loophole: but they don't say anything about your grooming your fosters!)


House of the Discarded said...

A Cat's Tale: You're right. The SPCA is connected to Animal Control. But the SPCA does NOT have to take cats from AC, and they cannot keep up with the enormous numbers.

You're absolutely right - euthanasia is permanent. These boys deserve so much more. Once they're neutered, they're just "regular guys" :)

House of the Discarded said...

Deb: OMG! You rock :) :)

nicole Divitcoff said...

You are so sweet and thoughtful Deb! I will get the word out to help these boys!

nicole Divitcoff said...

You are so sweet and thoughtful Deb! I will get the word out to help these boys!