Friday, April 30, 2010

Helping the Orphans

It was a day of rescuing orphans. There's something exponentially sad about the word "orphans". Maybe I've read Oliver Twist too many times, but seeing orphans at the shelter is really a sad event. Funny how I always associated orphans with kittens. But that really isn't the case.

I'm sooooooo happy to announce that I've rescued "Baby"(aka: "Honey") today, along with Magoo! Both of these cats I consider to be orphans. They grieved for the death of their favourite human and lost everything. Many hugs and thank you's to Jan and Tally who came forward to give these mid-life cats a second chance at happiness.

I called Jan shortly after Baby's arrival and she said he was already purring and on the sofa! Sounds like Baby has decided he doesn't want to be an orphan anymore and is looking forward to a new life. He sure seems pretty happy with his temporary one!

I touched base with Tally who took Magoo and she said he immediately flopped over for belly rubs. Awwww!

Many thank you's to one of my favourite husbands "Andy" who drove in Friday traffic to make it possible for these two to be in a loving home tonight. I don't think spouses get enough credit on my blog for all the great stuff that they do.

The little family of 4 (now orphaned) kittens whose mother was euthanized this morning were also rescued today by a new foster Mom that stepped forward. They were so hungry this morning when I arrived at the shelter - it occurred to me only at that moment that they must've been really missing their mother. I silently prayed, "Please, don't let me cry in front of the new foster Mom."

I also rescued two kittens that were not on the shelter website. Steve, who recently rescued 3 black orphan kittens offered to take these grubby little guys. Holy smokes - "Grubby" is an understatement. These two are about 7 weeks old and look like they fell out from under a car. They're going to have lots of fun at Steve's Disneyland for Cats. :)

This has been a WONDERFUL week of rescues. So many cats have been placed into foster homes and this is the big adoption event weekend. My fingers and toes are crossed for great adoptions so that more can be saved.

I must be tired tonight. Just reread the blog and found it to be desperately uninteresting tonight. I was going to post some pictures and found these pictures on my camera of little "Howard". I don't know WHO took them - but they sure are cute.

Seems to be a great way to end the week - cute Howard pictures:


whitesocks said...

Beth, you DARLING, I am dancing around in happiness at your getting Honey/Baby and Magoo. Thank you, you amazing, and the foster parents who're taking them on. Ohhhhh. It is always heartbreaking when animals get left at shelters or abandoned, but there is a particular sadness (and shame to us other humans) when this happens 'cos the human who loved them so much dies.

whitesocks said...

Jan, Tally, Andy, and all rock!

Anonymous said...

Being a cat-aholic myself, I could NEVER find these posts uninteresting! :)

Caroline said...

Love the pics of Harold, especially where he's crying in his bed for company and in the next pic the big black cat is sleeping on top of him, wonder if he did that to keep him quiet! Kudos to all the rescuers of the young and old.