Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mission Accomplished - and Then Some!

I don't think I've ever gone to the shelter and had everything go as planned. There's always something that doesn't work out quite as expected. Today was no different.

As promised, I picked up a very kind adopter and brought her to the shelter. It was love at first sight - she scooped up "Elize" who gratefully licked her chin. When I do these type of no adoption fee adoptions, I always confirm that they have a vet appointment set up for the cat, etc. So it was no surprise when I heard from her this afternoon to let me know how the vet appointment went.

"Elize" is 40 days pregnant. (gestation for a cat is 63 days) I held my breath and waited for the adopter to want to return Elize. But my fears were unfounded. She loves Elize and will let her have her babies and foster the kittens until the rescue can find homes for them when they're 8 weeks old.

It was only then did I start to breathe again. Thank you...thank you...thank you....

I rescued my buddy "Herkimer" who is now known as "Hercules" and gave him lots of kisses and told him he was FINALLY getting out of the shelter. At first I thought he was shaking. He had been so frightened of the shelter. But no....I felt his throat and he was purring. Ahhh! :)

I walked past the holding area - where the cats first come into the shelter - and a little face was peering back at me. It was a 6 week old tabby kitten all by herself! My heart pounded as I started making deals with myself. I casually glanced into another cage and there were two FOUR week old kittens huddling together. Oh my gosh!!!!

When I reached into the cage to see one, they both hissed at me. What's cuter than a 4 week old kitten trying to look like a badass?? :) :)

Needless to say, I put the 6 week old baby with the 4 week old babies and packed them up. I made a few phone calls and begged my VERY sweet (did I mention she was beautiful too?) friend Kathleen to take them.

Five little lives got out of the shelter today, plus the 4 unborn kittens. I need to have a day that doesn't involve rescue soon. Maybe a day to buy some Spring clothes or plant something in the yard....

....Naaaah. :)


EV said...

Hi Beth, if I offered to foster Stan Marsh, is that a good arrangement because you can foster another cat, or is it better/easier for me to just foster a different cat straight from the shelter? Unfortunately... I don't drive : (

Amanda said...

Love what you always makes my day to hear about a successful adoption story(ies). Makes me want to be more involved with rescues...

House of the Discarded said...

EV: You don't have to drive to be a foster parent! :)

Amanda: I can certainly get you involved with rescue! Send me an email.


SwSmartie said...

Whenever I go to the foster coordinator's office, I need to walk by the 'lost' cat area. There are ALWAYS cuties in there, and I ALWAYS want to take them home.

Happens like clockwork.

RHz said...

There's nothing more adorable than an itty bitty kitten trying to show you who's boss by hissing. Quite hysterical.

Glad it was such an awesome rescue day. ;-)

Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

Oh, yes, I thought, just THOUGHT, about planting and doing non-dog, sanctuary stuff yesterday. Then, my blind Bloodhound, who had not been a digger, began to try to unearth a large tree in the backyard. When a Bloodhound digs, the dirt flys! She must have smelled something.
YESH for the kitties - I love tiny kittens who try to put the fear of God in you - HA. Keep up the good work. I like "Dog Rescuer's Life," too.