Tuesday, April 06, 2010

"Thirteen" is a Lucky Number Today

(Blogging hasn't been easy lately. Everytime I sit down at the computer a little orange waif comes and plops himself down on the keyboard!)

Ahh...it was a good day to be in rescue and I didn't even have to leave the house! Thirteen beautiful souls were rescued today! The phone was ringing until 10 pm last night with ideas on rescuing and placing cats.

Many hugs and thank you's to Heather H. who made the drive to the shelter and loaded up cats by herself. It's always a big, emotional job to do this when you're not used to it.

The "overpass cat" named "Fido" was rescued today:

Fido was found on a highway overpass and was stuck there. Someone cared enough about him to rescue him from that perilous location, but I'm sure didn't realize that Fido would end up dead anyway. Fortunately, Fido gets another chance to have a beautiful life!

Handsome Ranger was also rescued today! I had a lot of people ask about this handsome boy. But he's a young very dominant cat and needed to be placed in a home that could handle a cat like him. Gosh, he's C-U-T-E!

Tuxedo "Joshua" had been at the shelter so long that he was beginning to get "swipey" with the shelter staff. I think they get angry and depressed when they've been in that cage for so long. I bet he's enjoying stretching his legs tonight!Little "Maui" was scheduled from euthanasia this morning. She was truly an 11th hour rescue this morning. This little family was also rescued this morning. I honestly didn't think that they had much of a chance because they ALL had a bad case of ringworm. Ringworm isn't really a worm...it's just a fungus, but it's still contagious and icky. Bless the foster home that came forward for this little group.
Handsome "Hansel" took the world's worst picture - I guess you can tell he wasn't happy to be there.

His sister "Gretel" is one of the sweetest little girls -ever! When they were reunited today, they licked each others face! Awwwwwwww!!!!! :) :)

Tomorrow, I'm going back to the shelter and rescue two more cats. I'm over the moon with the number of cats we've rescued over the past 24 hours.

I couldn't help but think about the ones that didn't make it this morning. There was no 11th hour phone call for them. I hope they found the way to the Rainbow Bridge and in the arms of somebody that loves them.

Every cat should experience that.


Nicole Divitcoff said...

Ahhhh so fantastic! Between yesterday and today we unloaded 14 cages - UNBELIEVABLE! We need to help those Kittens A, I wonder if they made it today?

Caroline said...

Congrats on such a big rescue, this made the end of my day! Kudos to everyone that was involved and Beth I think you need to get one of those "mommy pouches" to put Radar in when you are blogging!

A Cat's Tale said...

WoooHoooo! Awesome rescue!!

Ranger - "needed to be placed in a home that could handle a cat like him" It's the orange tabbies that really keep me on my toes. They are such adventurers. As for your handsome redhead.... when the day comes for you to let him go to his new forever home, you will be sad and miss him. But mostly you will have pity on the poor family that now has to try to keep a step ahead of him. :-)

Tell the foster family taking care of the kittens that vinegar is supposed to work on ringworm. I use a cotton swap or for the larger areas I have some in a spray bottle.

House of the Discarded said...

A Cat's Tale: You've got the understanding of those redheaded guys down! This orange kitten I'm fostering is swinging from the curtains on a regular basis! LOL

Caroline: Mommy pouches! LOL!!! What a great idea!!!

A Cat's Tale said...

My favorite cat vet referred a call my direction. Although this gal had a cat escape proof fence her cat was able to swing himself over the "canopy" that's supposed to keep them in. Part way through the conversation I asked if her cat was an orange tabby. "How did you know!?" LOL You'll burn up the calories trying to keep up with those adventurers.

Crystal said...

Sooooooo happy:)

Dori said...

Hey Beth....I just rescued another cat tonight....I took home Barley. The girl at the shelter also said that 5 cats were claimed by their owners today! It was a great day.

I also have a big orange guy of my own. He's 14 now and still gets pretty wild running around. He must have been a real stinker when he was young.


Shannon said...

I am so, so happy that Hansel and Gretel were rescued. I was with Justine last night, conspiring how to get them out if somebody hadn't already but they've found their hero. Thank you for saving these sweet little souls!