Monday, April 05, 2010

"The List"

The shelter was closed today due to Easter Monday. That doesn't stop rescue, because there has to be staff to go in and take care of the animals. I didn't go today, but instead decided it was best to give some support to an exhausted foster Mom who has been force feeding a foster cat with "Fatty Liver" for the past month. I picked up little "Tizzie" and made the drive to take the cat to the vets for her. Force feeding a cranky cat that hates your guts every time you get near her is exhausting!!

I don't know if it's a mistake, but I asked Kim for the euthanasia list for tomorrow. She had indicated that "some really sweet cats are marked (for euthanasia tomorrow)." I had hoped that maybe we could rally some help for at least a few in the 11th hour. The list of cats to rescue is still accumulating as I type this blog post. I'm hoping it'll be a nice little group that can get the hell out of there.

Part of me wanted to post all the pictures of the cats that were marked for euthanasia. But what good would that do? It felt desperately morbid. We can't help everybody and there will be another list on Friday. But dammit, there's a cat on the list that was found stuck on a ledge on a highway overpass. He's SO sweet and he's on The Euthanasia List for tomorrow. It sounds like he's had a rough life and I want to help him so badly.

Here's one little family that will NOT be on the euthanasia list tomorrow, thanks to an ambitious volunteer who rescued her today: I'm going to concentrate on The Rescue List for tomorrow. Tonight? There are a handful of dedicated volunteers who are scrambling to help these cats make it off the "other" list.

I can feel my emotional wall going up tonight. There are some days I am so fed up with getting hurt.


SwSmartie said...

I know how you feel, I'm a first time foster mom, and volunteered to take in a mom and her 5 kittens. On Friday, a week after their birth, I took the runt of the litter to the shelter vet, after trying to hand feed her. They told me they had to put her down, and another was 'recommended' for euthanasia. I'm currently doing my best with the ones they allowed me to take home, but it's hard to hold it together when I look at pictures, or when I see the mom refusing to nurse.

House of the Discarded said...

SwSmartie: Blech! I understand completely. I was reading your blog too :)

Anonymous said...

oh swsmartie, I feel for you!

I fostered a kitten that needed force-feeding and I hated it. I was concivinced the poor thing would grow up resenting me...

Glad to hear the little family was saved, I feel bad for every cat in there but new mums and their kittens are especially heart-wrenching....

Beth, I sent you an email, let me know what you think when you get the chance :-)


Anonymous said...

SwSmartie, I'm so sorry. I totally understand. I've been fostering for a year and a bit, and have had 6 litters of kittens. Some from 3 days, some from 8 weeks. And it's not always smooth kitten cuddling. I've lost a few, and it's horrible. But the ones that climb onto your lap and snuggle you... the ones that find wonderful forever homes who send you pics of the babes all grown up... that's what you focus on. If you want to commiserate, just ask Beth for my contact info. Otherwise, just love the ones you have and remember that without you, they wouldn't have had the *chance*. Renee

Anonymous said...

I agree. It is desperately hard to let go of all the cats in your past you *couldn't* save, all the tiny faces that you put so much work into (force feeding them every two hours for WEEKS, even during the night, cleaning up diarrhea and vomit, heating water bottles, forcing down meds, exhausted late night checks to see if everyone is still breathing ... the works) that didn't make it.

But then I look down at Jilly; I miss her sister that died *so much* (I had hoped to adopt her). But if I hadn't decided to take the little family on, the mom and Jilly's sister would never have survived, and Jilly wouldn't be warming my feet in bed tonight.

BETH - keep us posted about cute overpass guy.


Caroline said...

Oh Beth if only we all had more room and finances then we could help alot more. Kudos to the foster Mom who took in the new Mom and her kids, I wish I had the room to do that. Best wishes for the overpass guy, too bad we couldn't get him on the news he would find a home for sure! Maybe ask the shelter if they would consider contacting the media?

Justine said...

Hey Beth! I wish I had more room! But 15 cats is a bit of a handful right now lol even if 11 of them are kittens.

Heather emailed me though and we're hoping to get some more out on Friday and I'm going to get John to help transport them, hopefully we can save a bunch, but even ONE makes all the difference, if someone hadn't made the effort I wouldn't have Chico cuddled up to me in bed right now :)