Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Snowy Rescue

When I know someone wants to help a cat at the shelter, I don't want to wait to go. The thought of the cat staying one more night in the shelter when he has a place to go drives me crazy. That's what happened this morning.

The weather was horrible - lots of snow and slippery roads. I sat at the window looking out and kept talking to myself..."The cat will be fine one more sense in risking my life...yada yada yada..."

I never listen to reason. It was silly to even try. Off I went to the shelter with a mission AND a list to rescue one lucky cat with the following criteria:

1) Domestic Short Hair

2) Grey

3)"Sucky and Sweet"

4) Gets along with other cats

5) male preferred

(Funny how that list resembles my husband...Hahahaha!)

Fortunately, there was only one sweet guy that met ALL the criteria - "Indy"

I kissed Indy told him he was going to be safe and that he was going to the vets right away. See how this makes no sense? He went from one cage into another cage AND was being neutered. (Kind of a good news-bad news thing) Surely it could've waited until the weather was better.

I don't know why, but I think the cats know when they're safe. He settled into the carrier and seemed more than happy to be at the vets and investigate. Whenever a cat has been in a cage for a long period of time, I always let them out to walk around the vets for a big streeeeetch... Tomorrow, he'll go to his foster home to settle in.

(Quick note: I'm intentionally not talking about whatever is going on at the SPCA. Obviously, I don't have all the information. The news isn't using the word "cruelty", but I heard otherwise. Time for me to back out. I'm not comfortable talking politics and it conflicts with my plans and commitment to get more cats out of that shelter. )

Yes. I have plans. :)


Ecochica said...

Yay for Indy what a lucky little guy!

Anonymous said...

Based on the criteria you indicated in your post, I take it your husband isn't neutered? LOL:)

House of the Discarded said...

Karin: Should've included the neutering part!!!! LOL!

Steve Bartlett said...

I just had to check to make sure Kepler was still here -- he looks just like him. He's probably not nearly as grumpy though.

Brandon said...

Awww lucky guy. :) He looks like a cutey.

Anonymous said...

If Burlington/Hamilton SPCA is given direction from HQ in Newmarket. Newmarket is probably running out of money to pay all the staff and are looking for a district to shut down. They shut down the SPCA feline program in the Region of Peel because it was costing them too much money. They can claim financial mismanagement, shut them down and continue paying the fat cats huge wages in New Market. Pretty disgusting. Anyone who donates to SPCA should ask what percentage of their donation actually goes to the animals and not to their multi-million dollar facility in New Market and to pay staff.

Laura HP said...

Yay for Indy (and yay for plans!)!
He looks gorgeous. I'm sure they know when they're safe and are happy to be away, even if it's to another cage for now =)

Kristen said...

AWWW Indy is SO cute. Love the grey with big yellow eyes. Nice work, eye on the ball ;)

Caroline said...

Bravo Beth for risking life and limbs for Inky!

Crystal said...

So happy for Indy, and sooooo excited for the cats at the shelter that you have plans...

love it! thanks for the smile:)

Meaghan Edwards said...

What a handsome boy! Disgusting to think that people are perfectly fine with the idea of letting cats roam loose in this kind of weather. It's bad for them to be out in any weather, but moreso with that cold.

We can always do with dog walkers, foster parents, cat cuddlers, etc, at the SPCA so if you know of anyone interested in lending a helping hand, the animals would greatly appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you for wisdom and guidance in your plans to get more cats fostered and adopted, and that the right kind of people come along to help! I hope the best is yet to come :)