Saturday, February 06, 2010

A Saturday Rant

I don't blog on the weekends much, but I found the SPCA's Mission, Vision, and Value statement on their website:

The Hamilton/Burlington SPCA is a private not-for-profit animal welfare organization dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals, the rescue and adoption of homeless pets, providing support to keep pets in loving homes, and the development of respect, compassion and empathy for every living creature.

The Hamilton/Burlington SPCA will be the community leader in animal welfare - more specifically - animal protection, advocacy, adoption, and education.
We will be a recognized asset to our community and will contribute leadership within the animal welfare movement at the community, provincial and national levels.

We value a society where all life is cherished and respected. We value the bond of trust and love between humans and animals.
We value the necessity to educate our children, our youth and our citizens to respect all living creatures.
We value strong legislation protecting animals from cruelty and exploitation.
We value courage, commitment and passion in those working to make the world a better place for all animals.

I guess they "adopt and rescue homeless animals" as long as they don't compete with them?

"Empathy for every living creature?"

"We value a society where all life is cherished and respected" (Really??)

I want to see this non-compete agreement - really badly. Because this mission, vision and values statement is a joke.


Anonymous said...

Okay maybe this a dumb question but here it goes...why does the high kill shelter exist if they are both mandated to do the same thing (SPCA)...why are they not one???

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: Animal Control is just that - it "controls animals" which includes, chickens, skunks, pigeons, pigs, etc etc.

The SPCA is a non-profit organization. Animal Control is run by the city.

Anonymous said...

So the nice building in front of the high kill shelter is non profit??? and the high kill is run by the city??? where I am the shelter is run by the city as well, but it is governed by a board of directors, (and run quite well I might add lol)

Steve Bartlett said...

Those sorts of statements are ALWAYS a joke, regardless of the organization. After all, Dilbert invented them. And the guy who runs the place is pathetic, based on quotes from him in the local paper over the years whenever there's an animal abuse case. He tends to take the side of the abusers.

A Cat's Tale said...

"The Hamilton/Burlington SPCA will be the community leader in animal welfare - more specifically - animal protection, advocacy, adoption, and education."
Zeroing in on the word adoption.... being a leader in adoptions, not at $220+ a cat they won't!!

My local Animal control is connected with the local Humane society. The Humane Society does the adoptions. They are around a 90% save rate. They almost always have some sort of promotion going on with the adult (4 mos. and older) at either $20 or $10. Full fee for an adult is $50. Donations pay for the speuter, etc. Now if this SPCA wants to match that, then they can call themselves a leader in adoptions.

That high of an adoption fee is insanely high. They can't be serious about adopting animals out with that high of a fee.

Anonymous said...

Well as a 'non-profit' they should also be registered with CRA for tax purposes. if that's the case, their annual financial statement should be audited by an independent agency and that document, which should be available, would contain the 'non-compete'.

Ken Wood, Ward 18 Davenport said...

The only time things will work for the benefit of humans AND animals is when all the 'city pounds', 'humanes', 'shelters' and 'rescues' can come together to mutually support their differently flavoured goals... ie. why can't we all just 'get along' ?

Debbie said...

I also dislike them using the Hamilton/BURLINGTON in the name of the shelter
I live in Burlington and support The Burlington Humane society.
Hamilton only handles Burlington"s cruelty cases. But canvases for donations from here but DO NOT take in our cats!!!!
There is a way (I forget how) to see there pay roll, It is HUGE!!That where most of the "donations" go to!!

Meaghan Edwards said...

Having been a shelter volunteer for over ten years, I can attest to the fact that the workers do indeed care deeply about the animals. We have thousands of successful adoptions every year, and do indeed try to take in as many animals, including cats, from Animal Control. We also do run feral cat, foster and volunteer programs.

As for the adoption fee, while it may seem steep, consider what is included in the adoption fee. Spay/neuter, shots, vaccine, microchip, six weeks of free pet insurance. A spay alone would cost someone who got a "free" kitten, at least $200.

"Competition"? We are both here to save lives. If more people cared about

Just my two Canadian cents.

House of the Discarded said...

Hey Meagan -

You won't hear me complain about the adoption fee! I know what it costs to vet a cat.

Where you volunteer, has a Non-compete agreement which means Animal Control is NOT permitted to have an adoption program. That isn't saving lives, in my opinion.

canuckpet said...

The SPCA is exempt (or rather decided to exempt itself) from many public documents because of their status in animal cruelty so its harder to find the information.

You can see their tax return though by going to the CRA and entering their charity #

I did find in City ByLaw documents that a city report recommended closing the adoption program when they moved out of Jones Road, although their adoption numbers were low there

The city agreed noncompete agreement, all I can find is it referred to on pages 4 & 5

House of the Discarded said...

Canukpet: Thank you! Thank you! That's a big start for me. :)

The reason the adoption numbers were so low at the Jones St. address, was because HAC wan't permitted to advertise due to the noncompete.