Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back on Saturday!

My day didn't start out the way I had thought thanks to a Facebook message mixup. I'm always grateful for technology and easily aggravated when it doesn't work out the way I think it should. I remember the days when I would actually pick up the phone and call somebody to confirm an appointment. A land line phone call? Bah!

I picked up little Bonnie Blue at the vets and met up with her foster Mom at a local parking lot. I had an opportunity to wait for 10 minutes and took Bonnie out of her carrier. I wrapped her in a towel because holding her almost seems painful to her. (Maybe it's more painful to me) I've held some emaciated cats in my life - but NEVER have I EVER held a cat so gruesomely (is "gruesomely" a word?) thin.

From the neck up, Bonnie looks like every other cat that comes from the shelter. I held her in my arms wrapped in a towel. She didn't squirm away from me, but her eyes were as wide as saucers as she visually explored the world around her. Whenever she'd exhale, she'd purr the loudest purr! I scratched under her chin and she'd purr so happily. It must feel so good to be touched and loved.

Occasionally, Bonnie's eyes would meet mine as I coo'd to her. The look of gratitude filled her eyes. There's nothing else like that look. I've seen it so many times - it's what keeps me going. I could feel my eyes burn with tears. No matter what the outcome for this girl, I'm so grateful that we rescued her.

I just received a phone call from Dr. S. Unfortunately, my new foster girl Patty needed her eye removed. I have a feeling she'll be in far less pain now and ready to rock 'n' roll like most kittens in no time at all. I can hardly wait to get her home. For now...proper pain medication and antibiotics will give her a good start towards healing. It's been a long time since I've foster a little girl!! Wait until you see her - she's such a feminine looking kitten.

David surprised me with taking a few vacation days on Thursday and Friday. I'm going to leave my precious cats and dog with my sons, and pray they don't burn down the house. David and I are going to do something fun away from home for a few days.

Just a middle-aged couple going rogue as we head out down the highway....playin' some air guitar, fighting over the heater, speeding by "Free Kitten" signs....


Anonymous said...

Have fun Beth, of course this mean blog withdrawal for the rest of us!

Steve Bartlett said...

Happy to hear that Bonnie will be ok! We both know from Travis's experience that Patty will be just fine. Be prepared to laugh for a few days when she discovers her depth perception is missing.