Monday, February 08, 2010

Monday, Monday

I was VERY excited to get to the shelter this morning to rescue the the Himmies that were brought in together as "strays". (Many thanks to Renata that came forward to foster them) These two never relaxed at the shelter. They were in separate cages and I often wondered if they would feel better to be together.

When I brought them to the vet's office, I insisted that they be put in a cage together. (Yes, they were not spayed or neutered - YET. They're getting fixed tomorrow) I had hoped for a wonderful reunion of licking and purring!

Nah. They could've cared less. *shrug* At least I tried. :)

When I arrived at the shelter this morning, I was so happy to see that Piglet and Rascal had been rescued on Saturday!

A very nice woman (who came in through my blog) has offered to foster them! They're currently in another foster home until Shannon can be screened as a foster parent. I'm so happy they're out! Two senior cats rescued - it! Love it!

I came home to another email from a foster Mom who listed some cats at the shelter that she may be interested in fostering. I love lists. It really helps when I need to find the right fit in a house that already has a cat. However, tomorrow is a euthanasia day and I need to make sure none of those cats are on the euthanasia list for tomorrow.

The only problem with lists is that it makes me have to choose. I go down the list: You? You? or You? I guess it's nothing new - with or without a list. It's all about choosing the right fit when I'm picking out a cat for somebody else to foster.

An Update on Boris: My little love-chop is doing fine. He spent the night at the vets after he scared the bejezzuz out of me by not walking and dragging his hind legs. The vet said he "passed large stool" (translation: "took a huge dump") and is home doing fine. It's nice to have the little guy back. He's on the rescue website and available for adoption now. *sniff

Looking forward to hair, nails and other self indulgences tomorrow. :)


Steve Bartlett said...

Glad to hear Boris is ok -- I was going to call you tonight to see how he's doing. Travis is great -- I think the vision in his remaining eye is actually improving somewhat. Dr. S wanted to see him again the first week in March, so I'll call you later this month to set up an appointment for him.

When Boris gets adopted tell his new family that Guinness works well as a laxative.

A Cat's Tale said...

I hope Miriam isn't on the euth list. Looks like she came in with a collar.... I wish her family would find her at the shelter. It seems that many cat owners don't think to look for their cats. Many just assume something bad happened to the cat.