Friday, February 05, 2010

A Friday Update

I was happy to be part of a rescue of two insanely cute brothers today:

Truth be known, I really went to see if I could convince the foster home who was picking up these two potential hellions if she would take "just one more".

I tried to spend some time with the male Himalayan that seemed so frightened. I sat on the concrete floor and opened his cage. When I do this, I always say a silent prayer that the cat doesn't escape or I'm not bitten, because I hate causing extra problems for the staff:
He came in as a "stray" along with his sister:

Yup. Yup. Two "stray" Himalayans walkin' down the road. What people will do to avoid paying a surrender fee! Holy crap.

Update at 8:10 pm Friday night: I heard that someone from our rescue is taking these two Himalayans - great news!

Whomever brought this pair into the shelter, easily got them into a cat carrier. I really think they'll be fine once they're in a home environment. Some cats don't do well in a shelter environment. He hissed at me, but I cautiously touched him. He looks so sad and frightened. I'm sure he wondered what happened to his home. I wonder if these were breeders cats that were dumped. I guess we'll never find out.

Even though they are on Kim's website nobody has called about them. Purebred Himalayans! They were taken off the euthanasia list for today, but I doubt the shelter will be able to keep them much longer. I hope somebody comes forward for them soon.

As usual, the SPCA had put "on hold" two of the cutest kittens. There was a note on their cages that they would pick up the kittens on Sunday. Bah. Sunday. There was a little tabby guy that I would've taken home in a heartbeat. Now he's sitting in a cage at Animal Control until Sunday, so they can transfer him to another cage to eventually be adopted.

My little Boris is still at the vets and on IV. He hasn't pooped and Dr. S said it's a "wait and see" situation. I'm scared. What if they're waiting too long? The vet said his eyes look bright and he's eating. I miss the little guy. I hope he can come home tomorrow. Yes, I'm getting FAR too attached.

That's the Friday update. I'm still working on putting together some ideas on how to get more of these cats out of the shelter. It won't be long until it's kitten season, (!!!) so if I'm going to do something, I'd better get crackin'.


Steve Bartlett said...

I hope Boris is ok -- keep us posted!

Brandon said...

I hope Boris is ok.

Excited to see what ideas you're working on.

Lisa said...

Sometimes cats don't poop. I have no idea why. Sometimes they need a couple of enemas before they start pooping again.
At least little Bo is eating. That's a good sign.

+++ vibes for little Boris. *huggles*