Thursday, February 04, 2010

Coffee, Cat Sh*t, and a Rescue

A few months back during a moment of self pity, I blogged that I felt like I was too busy to make time for some "girl/cat talk". One friend in particular emailed me right away and said, "Hey Beth...I'll have coffee and talk about cat shit with you!" I laughed out loud at the visual of two women drinking coffee and talking about cat shit, but in reality, that's what the conversations between women who love their pets end up talking about. Although I'm a delicate flower (!!) where matters of the bowel are concerned, I was excited about the prospect of talking cat shit with someone who understood. (I can't believe I kept a straight face while I typed the "delicate flower" part...)

We finally met at a Tim Horton's today and had a ball. We didn't just talk about cats, but ended up talking about careers, kids, "yes, size matters", and other relevant newsworthy events. It felt good. :)

Before I left for coffee, I received an email from Susan who wanted to rescue a little guy named "Rinkles":

Coffee, Cat Shit, AND a rescue in the same day? Yessirree! I'm game! I picked up little Rinkles at the shelter this afternoon. He has a HUGE scar on his back from some kind of old injury. I don't know how old it can be, since the little guy is about 4 1/2 months old.

I came home tonight to a sick little Boris. He acted like he wanted to eat, but would flop over on his side. But when I fed him by hand he would eat with great excitement. Odd. I carried him to the litterbox, but when he climbed out he fell over. "uh oh". I rushed him to the vets this afternoon, and Dr. S thinks he could have a bowel obstruction. Boris is still at the vets tonight on IV, and getting X-rays.

It was a crummy ending to a great day. Looks like all the talk about cat sh*t, will come in handy after all.


Anonymous said...

Oh, poor little baby! Hope he's OK!!

RHz said...

I hope Boris is okay.
And I'm glad you got to enjoy coffee and cat shit with a friend. Those are often the best days. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I hope Boris is feeling better!!

And just for the record, I called twice to do coffee and we actually talked about cat shit on the phone :)


Beki said...

My lovely Bronte got an intussusception after the train ride from Halifax NS to Toronto. I was devastated. She was my only friend in this huge strange city. I took her to the vet how operated (and spayed her while he was there) and I spent the next 18 months pay off the bill. She was for a very long time the most expensive 'thing' I owned. Bronte will be 13 this year and I consider her to be worth every penny. I hope Boris recovers without surgery. My thoughts are with you both.

As for Rinkles. Please ask the rescue to play with the scar. It helps break up any unnecessary attachments to the tissue underneath, lets him know that touch there is not always bad, and will make sure he is comfortable without any movement restrictions.

Much respect

House of the Discarded said...

Dear Beki -

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and suggestions. :)


Lisa said...

I'll talk cat poop anytime with you Beth. I can even tell you about Katie's $1000 poop (xrays, blood tests, 2 enemas)
You'll be surprised how excited you can get about your cat taking a dump. lol