Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day (to me!)

I'm not a big believer in Valentine's Day. Every day is Valentine's Day with David, so to me - it's just another day. :)

Today was particularly outstanding!

The wonderful couple that adopted Boris came this evening to pick him up. As always there's a feeling of dread with a touch of guilt sprinkled in when a foster cat is adopted and leaves for his new home. The couple that adopted Boris heard about Cute Black Guy that I had rescued on Friday and wanted to meet him. They fell in love with him!!

I decided to let Cute Black Guy go home with them and Boris. His quarantine period wasn't nearly up, but they were educated completely on Upper Respiratory Infections. I really wanted Cute Black Guy to go home with this couple. They told me that if he gets sick they had the $$ to take him to the vets and they wanted to give him a home. They were willing to take on any responsibility that came their way.

Looks like I'm going to be going back to the shelter next week for another foster cat!

This morning I received an email from a family who were interested in "Chandler" and "Melon" who are still at the shelter. Kim had taken them off the euthanasia list twice, so I'm certain they didn't stand much of a chance for this Tuesday's euthanasia's list:

Within 5 minutes of receiving the forwarded email I called this family. Their last cat passed away at the ripe old age of 18 years old. I couldn't ask for a better home for these two boys to go. But would they adopt? I don't believe in coincidences, so imagine my surprise when I called them that they were just walking out the door to visit some shelters about adopting.

They were so excited to meet these two cats that after their adoption screening with me, they immediately went to the shelter and adopted BOTH of them! No more euthanasia list for these two. Thank God. I'm so happy :)

Yesterday, David and I played "Cat Taxi" and delivered "Indy" to his new foster home. You might remember Indy by my snowy-day rescue last week: (Indy before)

Indy was so frightened at the shelter, but he purr'd and rubbed against my hand. I really had a *feeling* about him. Part of me was worried because I knew the foster Mom really wanted a sucky-sweet foster cat. What if he remained too frightened? I didn't want the foster Mom to be disappointed.

But then.....the email & picture came in:

"Hi Beth- It was great meeting you today!
So--- I have a new best friend. It certainly didnt take him long to get himself out from behind the couch and to first sit beside me and then on my lap as I was trying to do my report cards.. (needless to say, I didnt get much done)- so, he started kneading and head butting me.. He was still a little tentative, but it was such an urge for him to be close and affectionate that he busted through his fear and hopped onto my lap.. right now, he's sitting beside me all cozy and stretched out.. AW! And:he's absolutely gorgeous.."

Of course, I cried when I saw his picture and the wonderful emails. Look how HAPPY he is!!!

Tonight I count my blessings. I've met some lovely people this weekend and had the privilege of helping some deserving cats find homes.

Who needs candy and flowers? I've had the best Valentine's Day - ever :)


NoviceLife said...

What a wonderful day for you Beth! And that picture of Indy is wonderful!!!!

Anonymous said...

the picture of Indy was a bit blurry; it must have been the tears in my eyes. Thanks for getting him out of there

Caroline said...

Yay beth, 2 successful adoptions, please, please foster CBG's mom and her brood to be! It's a sign that he made room for his mom and her new kids! :)

Ecochica said...

That is definitely the best Valentines Day EVER!!!

Smartypants said...

I love Melon and Chandler! Their adoption story made my day! Yay Indy - cutest after picture yet!!

Anonymous said...

Any word on Cute Black Guy's mom?

Anonymous said...

Has Cute Black Guy's mom been rescued yet? How are her kittens doing?