Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Just Another Day at My House

People often ask me about my homelife. They wonder if my life with my pets is much like their life. I think people need confirmation that they're not crazy.

I haven't said much about the huge renovation going on at my new house. We bought a 100+ year old heritage home with only 1.5 washrooms in it. I've been sharing a bathroom with my husband and two sons. It's like a frickin' frat house. If I sat on a toilet that didn't already have pee in it, I'd probably faint. Why don't men flush? Anyway...I digress...

The plumber came to get me yesterday and said there was a problem. They had torn up the floors to add new pipes and when the plumber came back into the room, they found my 22 lb white cat Ozzy squatting in a hole in the floor pooping!!!!!!!!!! David said that something is wrong with me that I took this picture:

Yes. Yes, I did. I took a picture of a pile of cat poop. Ozzy must've been thrilled! "HEY! They're installing built-in litterboxes!!" He probably liked the sandy dirt in there better than his own litterbox.

Dinner time at my house is probably much like yours:

I have an unpaid job in rescue - but I do work at it diligently and always have lots of help:

Bedtime? I don't want to talk about bedtime. David and I have both commented that we've learned to not move much when we sleep so that we don't disturb the "other inhabitants" of our bed. We both wake up stiff and cranky half the time.

We love the life we chose with our cats and dog. There have been times we walk into someone else's home who do not have pets and see that they have luxuriously left the front door open, or they don't have a cat for "decor":

But I wouldn't trade our life for anything.


RHz said...

I think people who don't share their lives with animals are weird.

And I love the photos you took. That looks exactly like what you see in my house, too. Cats all over the table during meals (even though you've removed them several times), and the stiff, aching body parts you have in the morning because you've had a pile up of cats and the dog on or next to you all night long and zero room. I've also learned that no meal or outfit is complete without a bit of cat or dog hair. Lol.

The happiness and love they fill me with makes it all worth it. I would not trade my fur kids for anything in the world.

Anonymous said...

Yup! I've got foster kittens punching holes in my curtains, I've got enough fur floating around to build a new cat, I've found pawprints on dishes on the table, and I'm regularly awakened two or three times a night by the young cat who likes to kiss my face very wetly. Would I ever go petless? Hell, no!

Debbie said...

How boring it would be not to have furry speed bumps all over the house or to not eat fur with every meal!!
The people without pets don't know what there missing :)

Kate K said...

HA! I'm so happy it's not just me! A common thing heard from our bedroom in the middle of the night is me saying "NO, Garret! Careful! Don't roll over! You'll wake Frank up!" (Frank is our big grey and white guy). We often wake up with kinks in our neck and stiff legs from contorting around kitties, but it's all worth it. Hey, it's their bed too, right? haha. I love being a "Cat Lady" :)

Steve Bartlett said...

I always find a house or apartment without at least one cat or dog to be uncomfortable. It probably means I can't put my feet on the coffee table. And there's never any hair in my drink -- I'm sometimes tempted to stick in one of my own to feel at home.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine if those cat-less people came over to dinner and found that cutey in the middle of the table? Haha. I love that picture. I cracked up when I saw it. I sometimes stop guests from eating say a square I've made, as I see a cat hair hanging off it as they pull it from their mouth! ack, get over it, I say

Kitty Central said...

Beth, I love your pictures and comments...especially the picture of the poop. It's great to see that other people live like I do.....and it's normal, right? lol

tally oh said...

Omg, the dinner table photos are priceless.

It's only with my most recent boyfriend that I've really started to take notice of these things. He complains that I don't remove the cats from this or that, and honestly, it just never occurred to me. They could probably sleep on the freaking ceiling - and I'd just shrug my shoulders :P

&really, it's only in the last 6 months with the pee thing. Only recently did the subject come up one way or another, and I admitted "maybe you're trying to save water? I just assumed there was some reason I was not aware of". I am still not totally "in the know" - is this a regular guy thing? Are they just forgetting? What's the deal!?!?! :P

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha!! Ozzy thought this was the best idea yet!! Cat den *and* built in litter boxes - yay!!! I can just imagine the look on his face "I'm almost done here plumber-man, you can use it after I'm finished" :)


a girL in a coma said...

Might be an unpaid job, but how rewarding it is :)
And I agree with the first comment... How can you not share your life with a furry baby? How can you not love them? It's like when people say they don't like music at all. What's that all about?

K said...

LOL I love how all the looks on their faces are like "...what?" Like they have no idea they are doing anything "wrong" and do it all the time LOL.

I love this post it cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

What about the sweet night sounds....of a cat puking? And forgetting in the morning to look for these lovely little bombs, only to step in them AFTER you've had a shower!:)
Missy's foster mum

House of the Discarded said...

YES!!! The sweet sound of a cat barfing at night...and you only pray it's not on top of your bed! Hahhahaha! I forgot about that one!

Y'all are awesome and crack me up!

RHz said...

Ah, yes. The midnight barf. ;-)

I've actually had a cat puke on my face in the middle of the night. That was NOT one of my favorite kitty mom highlights, but at least now I can laugh at it.

RHz said...

Ah, yes. The midnight barf. ;-)

I've actually had a cat puke on my face in the middle of the night. That was NOT one of my favorite kitty mom highlights, but at least now I can laugh at it.

Anonymous said...

Haha!! yup looks about right. Although I wish my cats would just sit there while I ate...instead they attempt/do eat off my plate, and they aren't too picky either. Oh yeah, my dogs - pretty much have their own place at the dinner table - I gave up a long time ago. I guess putting the cat food on the counter was not such a great idea after all. Is it just me or did cats "not jump" on the counters/stoves/tables when we were kids?? I don't remember this. I guess this was before cats realized that we are the dumb ones, not them.
I am assuming you also still have the cat that pees in the sink (like me) oh and the cats that find the tiny rug in my kids room and continuously throw up, pee and poop on it. Use the hardwood kitties, that is what we bought it for (again, remember who has the brains in this relationship - not the 2 legged creatures.)
But using the hole in the floor as a litter box, well you can't get smarter than that!