Monday, September 14, 2009

The Things We Do For Love

I didn't write today's blog post. This is courtesy of some emails and pictures I recently received.

From Kate & Garrett that just rescued Kahlua, Tanner & Trinket: A Saturday Rescue

"Hey beth, So, do you know that song, "The Things We Do For Love" by 10cc? Here's the youtube link to refresh your memories: Well.... I had that running through my head ALL afternoon yesterday. turns out that Kahlua Had a pretty serious case of fleas which we found out while bathing her yesterday. It went something like this:

Me: Hold on... what's that black spot on her belly?
Garret: I dunno, I'll go get the tweezers.
Me: Oh my god... it's a bug!
Garret: I'm pretty sure it's fleas, Hun.

I've never ever dealt with fleas before... They were so bad on Kahlua. She took her baths like a champ... no complaining, so screaming, no clawing, no trying to jump out. All she did was sit in the bath looking wet and pathetic. I think she knew what we were trying to accomplish. We found that the fleas were taking refuge on her dry head so we grabbed the tweezers and were picking them off one by one... She was so good. I think she was just so happy that she wasn't itchy anymore. She fell asleep in our arms while we were towl drying her.
Milo took his bath like a champ too! Probably because he's too little to jump out of the tub so he had no choice, haha. Trinket was another story... she was a HELLION to bathe. Garret and I came out with some pretty good scratches on our arms. By the time that garret and I stepped out of the bathroom it was 10:00pm. Garret and I looked at eachother in disbeleif... it took 7 hours. Needless to say, we were exhausted.. as were our wet little companions. All 3 slept with us through the night. These pictures are what I woke up to this morning. I have 3 very happy and grateful kitties at my house now. I couldn't be happier. I just thought i'd give you an update. The things we do for love, hey? :) -Kate

Matilda's foster Mom was having trouble getting her to eat. Of course, we she sick? is she picky? Turns out it was the latter. Here's an update from Matilda's foster Mom:

"Hi Beth,So far I've tried Friskies dry and wet, Whiskas wet pouches, some canned tuna, sandwich meat, Purina dry, some store brand, Meow Mix treats, and Temptations treats. She nibbled on some Temptations in the car and a bit here, but other than that she isn't eating much other than licking the juice off some wet Whiskas food. I'm going to try really watering down some wet food and making her some gravy...We've tried to feed her literally everything... all different brands of wet and food, canned tuna, sandwich meat, chicken, other brands of treats."

(Then an email a few hours later): "So we bought a million different cans of cat food and she will only eat the PC store brand Trout flavour Fancy Feast rip-off. Not fancy feast, not whiskas, but the store brand, and only that one flavour LOL. How does a cat as chubby as Matilda get along being so fussy? It's amazes me haha, I've never encountered a cat so fussy!"

For once I have a blog post that has a truly appropriate title. Thank you for doing what you do..."all for love". :)


Smartypants said...

That is hilarious about Matilda! Who would have guessed?!

K said...

Awww.... I read this right before bed last night and had cute cat dreams!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it always the fattest cats that are the pickiest eaters?!! Of course our own 'petite waifs' carry on like they're starving. When you feed them they eat 2 bitest then walk away! Grrrr!!