Friday, September 18, 2009

A Friday Update

Yesterday I bopped out to the shelter and rescued a very cute orange and white guy named "Reggie". He was a special request rescue for Susan and her husband who recently also rescued another older kitten. As I always say, "the faces haunt us after we leave the shelter." and that's exactly what happened here. Susan saw Reggie but didn't take him right away because she had a houseful of commitments. But she couldn't get him out of her mind.

Reggie is now safe and being neutered this morning. He's a snuggly little guy and put his long nose under my neck and purr'd. That's heaven for me!

Under the subtitle "The Things We Do For Love", I received an email from a friend in rescue that sent me some pictures of his latest foster "Kirby".

This is Kirby at the shelter. Definitely one of the cutest faces I've seen in a long time! Kirby's foster Dad provides love and toys - but Kirby prefers to play with:

....a 3 day old shower curtain! Kirby's foster Dad lovingly writes, "Some people buy their cats new toys.... I buy new shower curtains."

I need to embrace that philosophy more. It's so easy to get wrapped up in "things", isn't it? I received an email from someone that was very upset that her foster kittens were "running around like crazy" and making her very nervous that they might break something. *shrug* If it's that important, put it away. Life's too short. Really.

A brief update on Wally! from his foster Mom: "The little guy is doing great, even showing some LOVE! You are right about him not having any manners, he jumps and climbs on just about everything. I'm trying to watch the interactions between the two cats, they certainly play ALOT, and at time Spud may get annoyed, but still love to play with each other."

Wally's new name is "Moo" since he looks like a cow and his foster Mom is from Wisconsin. I'd say things are working out well and our Little Moo/Wally hasn't worn out his welcome!

That's it for the Friday update! I'm going to the theatre tonight with David - I hope I can find something to wear that doesn't have cat hair on it.


RHz said...

Love a happy rescues story, especially on a Friday!

Enjoy your date to the theatre, and good luck finding a fur-free outfit.

Anonymous said...

The rampant destruction caused by foster kittens is part of their charm! My curtains (real ones!) are perforated in dozens of places, as at least two of the kittens are hellbent on walking along the curtain rod. My screen door has holes in it from climbing and dangling kittens, my leather living room set is *ruined* and one kitten loves to go directly from the litter box to the empty stock pot that's left on the counter - sometimes knocking glasses to the floor in the process. Oh, and my legs look like I've been scratching hornet stings with a cheese grater. And I love the fuzzy little buggers to bits! I also figure I'm taking the brunt of their nuttiness, so their forever homes don't have to... at least not quite as much. Kitten fostering is *awesome*.

Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard when I saw the pic of the shower curtain! I thought it was only MY cats that had a thing for a them - I'm officially on my fourth one. :)