Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Saturday Rescue

I don't usually go to the shelter on Saturdays, but it's always worth it to meet several foster homes plus help an adopter choose a cat. David seemed content to read the paper this morning as I left.

It was a good rescue day! As usual, choosing was agonizing for the foster parents. I know they'll go home tonight and think about the faces they left behind. I know I always do - and will tonight.

When a foster parent has a cat delivered to them, it really sanitizes the whole rescue process. There's really nothing like picking out your cat from death row and bringing him or her home with you.

"Trinket" - She fell in love with her foster Dad, Garrett and I think the feeling was mutual.

"Tanner" went home with Kate & Garrett - Tanner is a rowdy little thing at only 6 weeks old!

"Kahlua" also went hom with Kate & Garrett - she snuggled into Kate's arms and I knew there was NO WAY Kahlua was going to go back into that cage!

"Iggy"! It's funny how some foster parents gravitate to the same kind of cats. Iggy's foster Mom loves the fluffy guys, and Iggy is no exception! Isn't he cute?

Reesa is a beautiful declawed 2 year old girl that weighs 5 lbs dripping wet. She went home with an adopter today! Reesa was taken off the euthanasia list TWICE and would not have been so fortunate on Monday.

Many hugs and thank you's to the folks that made this rescue possible today!!!


CatCarrier said...

My heart is melting. I looked at these same cats on the postings last night & just knew they'd be perfect for fostering or adopting. Trinket & Kahlua were 2 I was thinking of asking you for. Glad they're all in happy homes right now.

Anonymous said...

Yay! more rescues! Hope the single Moms and babies make it out too!

Kate said...

Hehe, I feel like a celebrity!

Trink, Kahlua and Tanner Had the best sleep ever last night snuggled with us in bed. (When I woke up this morning, tanner had made himself comfortable on my forhead throughout the night... funny that I didn't wake up at all!)

You can tell they're happy and appreciative to never sleep on metal/newspaper ever again. Going to the shelter is something I feel every foster home should experience at least once. I know that won't be my last time there!

RHz said...

They're all beautiful cats - especially Trinket. Her Torbie markings are just gorgeous. So glad they all found their forever homes.