Thursday, September 10, 2009

30 Days of Celebrity Status

A few days ago I received a large manila envelope in the mail. I love getting large manila envelopes...there's almost always something good in those things....

Anyhooo....I open the envelope to find a large calendar. It's the 2010 Toronto Humane Society calendar. Nice, right? I open the first page and there's a pink post-it note that says, "Beth, look at September's picture".

I scroll through to find:

It's *BOOKER*!!!!! Booker was one of my sweetest foster cats! (He was adopted with another foster cat named Nala) I didn't have him for very long - he was one of those cats that instantly fit in and loved everybody and everything. (Bring on the "happy tears"!)

Apparently, THS has a contest for these pictures and hundreds and hundreds of photos are mailed in with hope THEIR pet can be part of the calendar. Of course, MY Booker is very photogenic and deserves every moment of his 30 days of celebrity status.

Best of all? Look how happy and healthy he looks. *Happy sigh*


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Jan's Funny Farm said...

Really makes you feel good to see one you've rescued so happy and healthy.

Anonymous said...

What a great story! I recently got my THS calendar and will enjoy the month of September 2010 even more now :)