Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wally! Wally! Wally!

Every once in a while a cat comes along that you're compelled to save even though you know he's probably going to be a pain-in-the-ass. (But he's such a delightful little character, you find him incredibly endearing.)

Wally is just that cat.

When I first met Wally, the shelter staff lovingly referred to him as having ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Personally, I think it's just a matter of a 4-5 month old playful kitten in a cage the size of his litterbox for almost 2 months.

Poor Wally. He didn't have any toys, any friends and just sat in a cage day after day waiting for something good to happen to him.

Today was that day. I went to the shelter to pick up Wally. He was at the front of the cage and he looked like his bags had been packed since this morning. I think Wally knew I was coming for him! I put Wally in his crate and set him down in the front seat of my car. I figured if Wally didn't like his shelter cage, I was going to be in for a loud, annoying ride to the vet this afternoon.

That wasn't the case. Wally sat politely in his cat crate like a perfect gentleman! He pointed his pink nose towards the ray of sun that was shining through my windshield. When we arrived at the vets, I opened the crate. Wally bolted out and mimicked a boxing match with the clinic cat "Bob". Bob looked slightly annoyed, but happy to obliged Wally in a little game of body slamming.

I'm really relieved and will be taking Wally to his new foster home tomorrow afternoon. Gratefully, Wally's new housemate is also a rowdy little cuss, so I'm hoping and praying that they don't tear down the place while Tracy is at work.

Let's hope Wally continues to surprise me....


Crystal said...

Wow, loved that Rescue story!

Go Wally Go! Enjoy your new freedom little one:)
Thank you for the smile Beth!

T-race said...

Spud and I are up for the challenge... Bring on Wally!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for such a cheerful story, made me smile. Caroline

RHz said...

Yay, Wally! And woo hoo, Beth, for rescuing the ornery little fluff monkey!

Kate said...

Happy! That's all I can say about this!

Falkosmom said...

A kitten in a cage for 2 months without any toys? Does not anybody donate any? And spending 2 months in a cage, is there not a volunteer program in place for volunteers to get them out a bit and play with them?

House of the Discarded said...

Falkosmom: No, there's no volunteer program, because they usually euthanize the cats after they've been in the shelter 3 days.
Wally has been in the shelter for 2 months because the shelter staff loved him so much and hoped for rescue.


Anonymous said...

Euthanized after 3 days? That is an animal death camp, not a shelter. I guess I've been naive to think our society cared better for animals in this day and age!