Sunday, August 30, 2009

Smiling Until My Face Hurts

I wrote about Ariella back in May of this year. She was one of the saddest little cats that I had ever seen at the time. Click here to read about Ariella
I shed a lot of tears over Ariella. Our little Ariella was adopted today! Here's the follow up email on our girl from her new Mom to her foster Mom:

...."Ariella is so curious....she's going in places and coming out with fluff balls on her cute! I better clean under and behind the furniture. HAHA! She is such a delight. Friends and family have come over to meet her and she is so receptive with everyone....and she definitely did not mind the treats they brought for her. She loves to play and has a healthy appetite. She is still getting used to my place...she really likes the long hallway to play in. She came and slept with me early this morning....such a special little girl. She has claimed the loveseat as her napping place....she's settling in. She is so smart and approachable...can't say enough about her! I'm so happy she has come into my life...Thanks for looking after her!"

Lordie...Lordie...I'm going to cry again!

People think that I forget about the cats I rescue. It's not that I forget. It's that I don't want to become a stalker and ask about the cat all the time! Gratefully, "Snickers" Mommy understands that and sent me an email about her today:

"Hi Beth!

I wanted to let you know that Snickers (Darian) is doing great with us!
She is a wonderful, little sweetie with so much energy and affection!!
She is still fetching up a storm with her toys, along with many other
things in the house, like loaves of bread and bags of chips. LOL! She
is such a bright and observant cat. She makes us smile and laugh all
day long. I am so happy that I was looking on Petfinder the day that I
did. We can't imagine a more perfect cat for us! We love her so much!"

I remember Snickers! Her name at the shelter was Darian and she was a scruffy little thing! Look how much she's blossomed!

Remember Tuck?

He was the little guy that had been hogtied and tortured to the point where he couldn't walk. I received the wonderful news that our boy has been ADOPTED this weekend! (I'm starting to cry again ..where's my estrogen?)
Through it all, Tuck never stopped loving people. We certainly didn't deserve his love, but he gave it freely. He had so much courage. Tuck is an inspiration. I hope this adopter stays in touch.

I have a Marnie update!!! (Hold onto your hats...!)

Holy crap....I have goosebumps trying to type this out: I get a phonecall yesterday afternoon from a foster Mom within the rescue. I was at the theatre in Stratford watching a play with my husband ....the voicemail says this (I'm paraphrasing here): "Hey Beth, this is S*** I'm a foster parent for P****. I also work at the SPCA and a woman called in here a few minutes ago that wanted to surrender a Siamese. Well, I recognized her name AND the cat's name because I read your blog!!!! We're 100% full here and we'd have to euthanize her if she came here. What do you want to do?"
I scrambled out of my chair during intermission and called S***. Y'all know that I don't believe in coincidences, so I'm in tears as I'm trying to put together an emergency plan for Marnie to be safe. I called Heather (God bless her) and Heather connected with Diana. Heather drove out to pick up Marnie.

Marnie is safe! She's at Heather's own "house of the discarded" and I'm sure being loved and kissed as we speak. She's not sick and Heather tells me she's great! Never again will that little cat have a moment where she's not wanted or loved. (*cross my heart*)

(A very special thank you and hug to Heather B who bailed me out of this mess last night. Another big hug to S*** that took the time to call me about Marnie!Thanks to both of you, Marnie has another chance.)

All in all it's been really thrilling to receive these emails over the past few days. I've been smiling so much my face hurts...and it feels good!!


AMP said...

Great news all around and thanks for the Marnie update!!! How wonderful!!

Smartypants said...

So much wonderful news! I guess I'm still shocked and disappointed that Diana never responded to you and continued to try to surrender Marnie... what a let down. Still, it's great to know Marnie is safe and absolutely amazing the way the universe aligned to make that happen!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately when people ask to return a pet they have changed their mind about, they aren't usually fooling around. Good thing you found out about it before it was too late.

Pam S. said...

Thanks Beth! My little Snickers is famous! What I meant when I wrote that she was fetching bread and bags of chips was that she brings those things to us...sometimes even in the middle of the night. She is such a character! I still can't believe that a cat this amazing was 1 day away from dying!

Thank you so much for Snickers, and for all the cats that you save! You are an angel.

a girL in a coma said...

I'm so glad to hear that Marnie is safe once again. I knew that woman that took her in would not come through for her. Glad you got that phone call... or it would have been a real sad story.

Anonymous said...

Heather is great, so are her Mom and boyfriend. Wow what people!

RHz said...

Good news for all, so glad to hear Marnie is safe and Ariella and Tuck both have homes. You deserve more good days... Glad the powers that be think so, too.