Monday, August 10, 2009

Adventures From the Cat Den

The best part about The Cat Den, is the fact that my cats are totally mellow now! Everybody seems happy and **double knock on wood** Ozzy hasn't pee'd anywhere but the litterbox.

(Of course, I've probably jinxed it now)

I thought I'd post a few pictures of the cats in the cat den. I probably chose a crummy day because last night was a helluva storm and everything was wet and steamy.

This is "Butters" who hasn't figured out the door in order to come back in. He can go outside through the cat door, but sits there and meows until I open the door for him. Yes, I realize the sign that says "Cat Friends Welcome" is a little over the top. My sons saw the sign and said "That's the gayest thing I've ever seen in my life." Ahhh....God love the little homophobes. :)

Opening the door gets pretty old. But look how happy he looks!!!

Don't laugh, but I found some "love beads" and thought the cats would want to play with them. Instead, they just look stupid.

I went to Petsmart and bought a medium sized dog house for $60.00. I figured if I wasn't home and the cats couldn't get inside or felt somehow unsafe, they could at least have a safety area. By the way - the ground was SOAKING wet and they're STILL out there playing!!

This is a top view, so I can watch them from the family room. I've planted a bunch of bushes and stuff out there. I can't believe how much those stupid little bushes were such a big hit! They were digging around them and playing hide 'n' go seek around the bushes. It was too cute.

Those of you who said, "It's worth every penny" were right. I love it. The cats love it. Cats that didn't get along are getting along now.

Now if I could figure out a way to winterize the damn thing!


K said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!! Ahhhhh this post made my day. First up, who is that gorgeousity white vision in the first pic...absolutely breathtaking. Second, look at Butters' face...LOL. Its like he's going "Ooohhhhh". Lives up to his name of Butters on South Park maybe? lol.

I love cat den pics and can't get enough. You'll have to update us with every new addition!!

RHz said...

Love, love, LOVE this pictures and I'm still way jealous.

By the way, thank you for the AC link. I read through the site and subscribed to her e-letter so I can sign up for her next teleclass. ;-)

Dave said...

The picture of Butters being let in is great - he looks so happy.

I bought a couple of covered litter boxes, and Pistachio quickly started using one. But, for the first couple of days she could only figure out how to get in. She'd sit in the litter box meowing until I let her out (fortunately she caught on).

Steve Bartlett said...

I see that Butters has graduated from Train Your Human By Pretending To Be Dumb 101 with flying colours.

*Diane said...

Diane said....

Love it when someone, like yourself, expresses how she really feels. Shit hitting the fan feels good eh!
I recently started to Foster a sweet, little, ten year old cat named Tomato. She was supposed to be in good health. Apparently her Foster Mom was very neglectful when it came to Tomato. When I took her to my Vet, poor dear, had two severe ear infections, serious gum infection causing a number of missing teeth, terribly dirtly and matted, her toe nails were so long that one or two were growing into her tiny paws. You should have seen the amount of fur and matts that came out of her fur. She also has a strong heart murmur. I have the antibiotics to help heal her! Tomato is terrified of the outdoors. At her new home here, she has her own bedroom, nature music plays constantly, her own cozy bed (which she only leaves at night to look out the window, use the litter box and eat some dry food. I feed her wet food in her bed while she purrs and purrs and purrs. Her previous Foster Mom sucked, big time!!!!

Beth, you are doing a fabulous job looking after dear little forgotten cats and kittens. God bless you!