Friday, August 21, 2009

Maybe It's "Destiny"?

I went to the shelter today to meet a potential adopter only to find Kim in tears. Today was a euthanasia day, but I could tell something different had happened.

They had to euthanize a Mom cat and her 9 kittens. The shelter was so overcrowded and it's a sad fact that when people don't spay or neuter their cats, little cat families die. Hours after the vet left, Kim went to clean the empty cage where the Mom and kittens had been....

....only to find a survivor....

This little Tortie kitten was found behind the litterbox and under the newspaper. She watched her whole family die:

This is a picture of her Mom and 8 siblings. They all died this morning - but she survived. I think that's our kitten on the far right side.

I called Heather while I was still at the shelter. Heather is one of those amazing people that despite everything else that goes wrong in her life, she's always game to take "one more". Our little kitten is 4 weeks old and Heather had a litter of kittens that were found in a parking lot that are the same age. Our Tortie baby could join that group!

"Destiny" would have friends!

I've been crying off and on since I left the shelter today. To make matters worse, I was driving 120km's (70 mph) down a one way street only to see a squirrel who had been recently hit by a car, dragging it's legs to make it to the side of the road to safety. That was *it* for me and the crying flood waters broke. I held the kitten tightly under my neck as I drove. I wanted to go back for the squirrel, but I didn't know the area and it was a one way street with 5 lanes. How would I ever be able to stop to help the squirrel? I kept going. I really hate that I kept going, but I did.

I'm sitting here with sticky mascara drying against my cheeks. I look like crap and I don't care.

I think "Destiny" is an appropriate name for our tiny survivor. She lost her family today, but she's going to be destined for something wonderful in her life.

I'll make sure of it, Destiny. I promise.


RHz said...

I'm so, so sorry for what happened today. Please give Destiny lots of hugs and kisses for me. If we could figure a way to get her from Canada to NJ, I would steal her from you in seconds. Poor baby... and a strong soul to have survived that ordeal today.

tally oh said...

I feel like I'm going to be sick.

Oh, miss :(

Jan's Funny Farm said...

What a horrible day, except for Destiny. Thankfully, she will have life because you and others are helping her.

Meaghan Edwards said...

And people wonder why I push spaying/neutering as strongly as I do . . . Gentle hugs.

Anonymous said...

Bless you and Heather for helping little Destiny!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Since lots of the transports my mom drives fur khome from 'shelters' in the south that euthanise in a way she 'd rather not think about, we are leaky here looking at the post...

PLUS, one of my Sibestas is named Destyny -

Tank woo fur what woo do to try and make a difFURence...that's all we khan do: one purrrrson at a time?


Jezika said...

That made me cry so much. Matt says it's the saddest story he's heard.

heather said...

Destiny is doing well and is soooo happy with her new kitten friends. Thank you Beth for saving this angel!

Anonymous said...

"She lost her family today, but she's going to be destined for something wonderful in her life.
I'll make sure of it, Destiny. I promise."

This clicked something in me. I've got two foster kittens that I am looking for homes for. A woman is coming to see them this week and wants to take both, so that's good. But ... I don't get a particularly good vibe from her. Not a *bad* one, but not a good one either.

And your post made me realize that I had promised the same thing to my kittens when I picked them up off the street - I had promised I would get them a great life. And until I feel confident that their adopter will give them that, then I absolutely will not give them away.

Thanks, Beth. For reminding me that it is okay to say no in order to ensure your kittens get a home that lets you sleep well at night rather than stay up worrying about what might happen to them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that heart wrenching and beautiful story of Destiny. I lost my little tortie girl of 18 years a couple of years ago and it was as if I've lost a piece of my soul. Those of us who know how amazing animals are just ache for the cruelty, neglect, and reality that many of these little lives have to endure. THANK YOU for rescuing and loving this gorgeous little angel - she will always be special. Big love for you, her, and her sweet family she lost.
My husband and I hope to open a rescue shelter someday so that we may save many, many more lives!
They all deserve the best homes with unconditional love and attention, and I'm so thankful you came along and rescued Destiny!
My Best!!!