Monday, August 03, 2009


My little Jeffrey had a very nice couple come visit him last night. The couple had made a pact that they wouldn't take him home on impulse, but would think about it. Good plan!

I didn't hold my breath. Jeffrey was a 100% booger last night and wouldn't have much to do with either of them despite my best efforts. It's like having a bad child. He gave them a token purr when they picked him up, but that was about it. These people even crawled into the cat den to hang out with him.

Jeffrey loves the cat den. I was excited to hear that this couple put their current cat on a harness and leash for walks in the park, so they would be doing that for Jeff too!

Needless to say, I was surprised to get The Call tonight. Jeffrey is being adopted!

The couple just had their cat Dexter neutered, so they wanted to wait until next week to insure Dexter is feeling up to having his new brother in the house. (cute, eh?)

I realized after this adoption visit that my house has a flaw: It has NO place for potential adopters to sit and relax with their prospective new family member. In my old house, I had a really nice cozy den with a door on it. People could sit on the floor and visit with the cat. There were toys, etc.

Jeffrey was like a wild man when these people were here. He was passing gas, running around, and body slamming Thomas. There was no where I could take him out of the equation and allow these people to visit him quietly. (Although he would've still been farting.)

It's going to be sad to see Jeffrey go to his new home. He's been a great little house guest. My sons are mortified that I would let "Jeffies" go. They wanted to adopt him.

But don't they always? Here we go again.... :)

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God, I love this blog. :)