Friday, August 28, 2009

A Friday Update

Thought y'all would enjoy an update on Destiny and a BEYOND adorable picture of her and her new BFF "Kole" who is also an ex-death row guy. According to Destiny's foster Mom, Kole wasn't too thrilled at first, but he's enjoying his new buddy. :) Pretty cute, eh?

I don't have any new news about Marnie. Your comments and passion about this exchange of emails was amazing. I've left a message for Siamese Rescue as well as the local shelter near this woman's home. I want to make sure that Marnie doesn't end up there. I'll continue to follow up.

I made huge mistake in taking out my aggravations on this woman before I secured the safety of the cat. It's a #1 rule of mine: "Don't alienate the person who has the cat until you actually have the cat in your hands." The problem is....I didn't have a place to take Marnie. My hands were tied and I could only guilt her into doing the right thing. It sucked to be in that position. I'll keep following up.

I met a very nice couple yesterday that were interested in adopting "Charlotte" who was on death row at the shelter:

Charlotte is 9 weeks old of buff coloured cuteness and immediately purred and snuggled up to this couple. I was ready to wrap up the adoption, when they said, "Maybe Charlotte needs a friend."

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She needs a friend!!!!!!!!!!!

Those of you who look at Kim's site (under "sites I really Like") will be thrilled to know they adopted "Slinky":
Although Slinky looks like a mellow guy, he was actually semi-feral - 9 weeks old and hissed dramatically with his ears back. I picked him up and he melted in my arms. The little guy just went limp and seemed extremely happy that he didn't have to play the "wild cat" role anymore. He was going to a wonderful home and seemed to be VERY happy to have Charlotte as a sister.
Bless his little heart!
It's going to be a busy weekend of phone calls and follow ups. The rescue has thousands of $$'s outstanding in adoption fees. I can't imagine why people would foster...then adopt...and not pay the rescue? Ahhh....but that's another post. I'm wearing my headset and "Dialing for Dollars".
Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

Oops, the "foster then adopt then not pay" is me. Or at least I'm one of them. In my case, it's that I'm *so* unused to doing anything with real physical mail and cheques, that it keeps slipping my mind. If you guys could accept payment by email (CIBC lets me just email money to a recipient. I'm sure other banks do, too), you'd have it yesterday! (Memo to self: snailmail, dammit!)

Shannon said...

I had to go back and check and make sure that my cheque for my recent adoption of Zoey had cleared my bank account. Because I was scared that I was one of those who hadn't sent it in.

Kate said...

I am SO happy that Charlotte has been adopted. She is WAY too adorable. She looks exactly like cocopuffs (besides the fact that charlotte is a different colour). I think it's the eyes.... Yes. It's the eyes. Very similar. Anyways, i digress. Very happy :)

Meaghan Edwards said...

Aww. Slinky looks like he'll be quite the handsome boy when he grows up! He already is.

Anonymous said...

But sometimes the checks aren't being recorded properly... I was called for Ashley's fee, but she was adopted out of a petSmart... Hopefully it was found!!

I would be nice if there was an easier way than mailing in cheques... can they set up a online system? I know this is asking for a lot of expertise!!


Shannon said...

Jen has a thought. Can you link the TCR website to paypal or something to reduce your dependency on snail mail checks? I don't know how Paypal works but it may reduce the man hours needed to process adoption payments too.

House of the Discarded said...

Jenn & Shannon: The ONLY problem with Paypal are the fees. But you've got me thinkin'....

Anonymous said...

I feel that adopters who are regular fosterers, should get a discount because we've already spent alot of money on litter and food, not to mention time and energy!

Anonymous said...

I don't agree. When you agree to foster, you know the costs associated with it both financially and energy wise. You consider it a donation.

The adoption fee is a flat rate to cover the shots and the spaying/neutering. That is something that every cat gets done and it costs a specified amount for every cat. I don't see why foster parents should get that waived.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the 1st anonymous. When you agree to foster you may not fully realize just how expensive it turns out to be. Between litter, food and gas driving the kittens to many vet appts, it all adds up. If you end up having the cats much longer than you originally assumed, it adds up even more (and faster as the kits grow and eat more and more!)

caitlin said...

"Oops, the "foster then adopt then not pay" is me. Or at least I'm one of them."

Eeek, that was me too. Until yesterday. D'oh! I agree about the email thing. Or setting up an account with a bank to collect online bill payments (hint hint- more monthly donations).

Beth btw I know you've probably been receiving emails/calls about Matilda from Kim and Jenn, since I asked Jenn if I could foster her. Just wanted to let you know I'm more than willing to come to your place in Oakville (if I remember correctly from the emails) to pick her up if you are going to be at the shelter anytime soon!