Monday, October 10, 2011

An Update on "BooBoo"

Last week I posted about an urgent call I received from the shelter regarding a 5 week old kitten with injuries that would require him to either be euthanized or immediately rescued.  (You can read the story here. )  Fortunately for this little angel, we had an awesome foster Mom on standby who literally hopped in her car, picked him up and took him right to the vets.

"BooBoo's" injuries were severe.  (Turns out HE is a SHE)  She had a huge laceration from around her abdomen and down her leg.  The vet said the injury was do deep that there was dirt in her muscle tissue and her leg may not be salvageable:

She walks and drags her leg somewhat.  The vet is unsure what kind of neurological damage there may be.

I don't think the pictures accurately portray how bad this is.  But typical of a kitten,  BooBoo continues to want to play with the other kittens in her foster home and be loved:

I think I'm going to put a "Donations Desperately Needed" plea on our Facebook page for this little girl.  This is going to be an expensive surgery and care. 

We couldn't walk away from her despite the cost and I don't think anybody else could either.  She deserved to live.  Then again - they all do.


ArtemisiaFSS said...

We has our paws crossed for BooBoo and are sending healing purrs. Thank cat you rescued her.

Anonymous said...

I've got a friend who just adopted out her foster cat and is now supremely lonely. She is looking to foster and then likely adopt a neurologically disabled kitty (she's got a soft spot for the hard luck cases!). If BooBoo looks like she has cerebellar hypoplasia (the dragging leg could be an injury but it could definitely, as the vet says, also be neurological), then let us know and I'll tell my friend. :)

Wednesday said...

Any updates on Boo Boo? That looks like a very nasty gash.