Sunday, October 02, 2011

A Rainy Sunday Update

The weekend has been a blurr!  Our fundraising event on Friday was a wonderful success despite the dreadful weather and ridiculous Friday night traffic.  I don't know if others can appreciate this, but it was AWESOME to show up to a fundraising event where I didn't have to do anything!  I just showed up with David, ordered a couple of Diet Cokes, and laughed.  Good times!  

I think the fundraiser was a terrific way to spread the word about our rescue and combine efforts with another rescue.  The\other rescue was selling cute t-shirts that said, "Saving Pussy" from the recent Pride Festival in Toronto.  Of course, I had to buy one.  It didn't seem so strange to buy a t-shirt that supported another rescue.  I gave it to my 23 year old son who seemed to appreciate the reference.  :)

Saturday was spent at an Indian (India) wedding.  I really complained the entire morning about having to spend the better part of my weekend at a wedding, but it turned out to be a blast - Bollywood style!  It was nice to be away from the phones for a bit.  Besides, we had THREE adoptions on Saturday and TWO were adults!  Adult cat adoptions....are they coming back??? 

I'm feeling far more together and content now that we're out of Petsmart.  We had an amazing team of volunteers where the kittens were able to get out of their cages (many days) 3 times per day!  What a lot of people don't know is that with this particular Petsmart, we were responsible for cleaning the cages - the staff didn't do it.  We provided supplies, etc.  So we had to have a team of people in the store at least twice per day.  It was a big undertaking, but I'm really glad it's over for a little bit.  I'll miss the days where we had 5 adoptions, but hey, we can't have it both ways! 

People who live in the city will laugh when I tell this story, but over the weekend there was a knock at our door.  It was a woman from a nearby neighbourhood who heard that I did cat rescue.  I *froze*.  I'm not used to people knowing that I do cat rescue in our neighbourhood.  My biggest fear has been that someone will leave a litter of kittens at my front door step.  Funny thing is - I know that cat rescuers from the city face this ALL THE TIME!  Believe it or not, this has never happened to me in all the years I've been doing rescue.  I've had phone calls from people, but never has a stranger knocked on my front door saying that they found a cat.  This lady wanted help with a "stray".  I asked her if she called the Humane Society and have him checked for a microchip.  She hadn't.   C'mon.  People have to do their part if they find a cat.  

Needless to say, I'm glad I don't get these kind of visitors very often.  I really don't think I like these kind of knocks on the door. It made me feel very uneasy.  I can't explain why.  But it did.

2:50 pm on a rainy Sunday calls for a nap snuggled in with my kitties.  I'm *there*. 


Debbie said...

Glad the comedy night went well.
We are still up north trying to keep warm and making apple sauce (yum)
Home next weekend and am looking forward to getting another foster and getting better pictures of Chrissy to get her a forever home
Enjoy your nap!!

Melissa W. said...

Gald the fundraiser was a success! Love the shirt. One a man can appreciate.

Bring on the adult adoptions!