Monday, October 24, 2011

BooBoo Update and Fire Fighting

I spent the majority of the day on the phone and on the computer.  It was non-stop emails and phone calls.  It's typical of a Monday, but even more so when I've been out of town.  I was back to "cat juggling" as one foster home had too many, and several others were looking for foster cats.  It's nice when it works out well for a change!

I wanted to give you another update on our little BooBoo Kitty.  So far, she's doing beautifully - in fact, it looks like she's doing as well as she can be and will be ready for adoption:

She has neuro damage to her back leg, so she limps and walks with her toes tucked in.  Thank heavens she didn't have to have her leg amputated.  I'd love for her to tell us what happened to her.  I guess it doesn't really matter.  She's going to end up being loved by somebody special forever.  Sometimes it's hard to find somebody "good enough" when we have a cat like this.

(I often wonder how many pictures of brown tabbies I have in my blog.)

Right now, I'm enjoying having two less foster cats.  Gabby and Ramone are doing great in their new home.  Their new Mom told me that she believes my "Sherminator" has taught Ramone a few "naughty things".  I pretended to not know what she was talking about.  Hahahhaa  :)

It's been a day of  putting out fires and damage control.  I don't really mind those kind of days, as I consider them part of what I signed up for when I started a rescue.  But they are so stressful!  Every time the phone rang today I felt like it was somebody out to get me!  Ugh!

On the road tomorrow...more cat juggling.  (Insert circus music here)



Caroline said...

And here I thought your blog was going to mention some hunky fire fighters (with pics) putting out a fire started by Shermin! How disappointing!lol

House of the Discarded said...

Caroline: WOw....wouldn't THAT be bittersweet. LOLOLOL

Random Felines said...

oooo - circus music - we have heard that here before. MOL Mom loves the comment about the Sherminator teaching the kittens "naughty tricks" - our Mozart does the same thing and mom swears she has no idea where kittens learn those things. :)