Saturday, October 22, 2011

Back to Reality

As always, it's really lovely to be home.  My beloved pets survived without me, despite my worries that they wouldn't.   I came home to the usual phantom dried barf on the rug that the men of the house didn't appear to notice, but walked over for 5 days.  There was a pile of poop (or two) in the basement next to the washer and dryer.  Of course, the dryer was running when I got home, and nobody "noticed" the poop.  MEN!

Last time I was in Seattle I wrote a blog post about a cat there named Timmy, who was going lose his home and be dumped at a farm.   If you didn't read about Timmy last year, I encourage you to click on the link before reading on...

I went to visit the couple who were "rehoming" Timmy.  They're friends of my parents and the wife had been ill.  I was dreading it, because I knew Timmy wouldn't be there and I was afraid to ask.  Guess who met me at the front door??   TIMMY!!  He was still there and seemed quite happy.  Thanks to  heaven above that this sweet fluffy boy still had a home.  I almost started to cry when the couple told me Timmy was actually SIXTEEN years old - not ten years old like I had thought back in December.  Holy could anyone even think about dumping a 16 year old cat at a farm?  I don't know what changed their mind - maybe it was me, but Timmy is still in his home. 

Sounds like things were very chaotic at the rescue while I was away.  I think our volunteers were overwhelmed with lots of post adoption questions and few adoption calls.  I don't know why it works this way, but it seems like these kind of crummy weeks happen suddenly and with no warning.  Usually, I just blog about it and move on, but I felt awful that our volunteers had such a rough time while I was away.  Last time I left, they had lots of adoptions - I suppose we were due for a week of unhappy people. 

For example, somebody contacted us regarding their cat that was adopted months ago that needed to be dewormed.  They felt the rescue should pay for it even though they've had the cat for over a month!  Really?  I've heard other rescuers talk about this, but it's so aggravating!  Take care of YOUR cat!

I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed now that I'm back, but isn't that what always happens?  Today was spent at the pet food store, grocery store and doing laundry.  No surprise that we were down to our last can of cat food.  I'm anxious to get an accounting of our cats and our foster homes so I can figure out what's what.  I'm sure there are cats that need us.  :)

Look at the little angels that we rescued while I was gone:

I wish Monday would come so that I felt better about ignoring the family and able to actually get something done.   :)


Deb said...

You are a true rescuer. It is written in every word of your post. Welcome back and you're right; men don't see poop.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Beth ! Been checking here often to see when you'd be back, lol, missed you too...and been so anxious about so many kitties waiting patiently to be rescued. I had wanted to ask about Timmy but didn't want to upset you. Hurray I am so happy to hear this . I hope you had a good visit with family too....huggs Gail

orbit said...

My mom's always saying that too many people don't know how to take care of their pets, and they shouldn't be allowed to even have them. Those two are sooo cute!

Caroline said...

Welcome back Beth,we've missed yu!