Friday, October 07, 2011

Thanksgiving Thoughts

I think Canadians are feeling very festive today as the long weekend is nearly here.  I've received bunches of cute cat pictures, videos and links to more feline cuteness.  The adoption phone lines rang frequently a few days ago, and are now quiet as people consider what they're doing for the weekend. 

Every year I cook Thanksgiving dinner for the family.  With the family emergency last month, and one son working that day, I just don't have the *ooomph* to put it all together.  I'm actually thinking about making reservations at a restaurant. Being served, eating, and walking away sounds lovely - no dishes...but no leftovers.  I think my latest Weight Watchers meeting zapped the excitement out of Thanksgiving. 

The thought of making dinner with Sherman on the counters, in the food, and on the table seems daunting at best.  Sometimes I get tired of fighting it, and I don't want to explain to the rest of the family that we really live like this. 

I took my little foster kitten "Ramone" to the vets today.  He definitely has Calici as his whole tongue is covered with ulcers.  It's amazing that he never stopped eating through it all, which is probably why I didn't take him in sooner. 

Every year at Thanksgiving (U.S. or Canadian) I try to reflect on everything that I'm thankful for, and the list is long.  As I'm typing this blog post, I had to stop to answer the phone from David who was just winding down his day at work.  When I inquired as to what we should do for dinner tonight, he answered:  "Anywhere I can show off my beautiful wife." 

I think I'm thankful for him most of all. 

Happy Thanksgiving, to my Canadian friends and family.


peewee22 said...

What a sweetheart your husband is!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Alison said...

Happy Thanksgiving Beth!

And since you asked, I'm thankful for the cats who live with me and bring laughs, cuddles and bring-up into my days.....all because you rescued them and let me foster them.

You do good work lady!

Random Felines said...

Go David - what a way to end a day!!

zoe said...

Happy Thanksgiving from Seattle, Wa. Yes yes take the day off, go out to eat, let others serve you for a change! Have a relaxed meal, it will be nice. Maybe later on you'll feel like hosting a family get together. Your husband sounds very sweet. And my cat sits on the kitchen table when I'm eating, she has pretty good manners and usually just watches unless I offer a tidbit. But if this bothers you, don't eat over at my house. What can I say?

House of the Discarded said...

Zoe: Thanks, Zoe! I'll be in Seattle in about a week, in fact!