Friday, October 28, 2011

This and That...

I desperately needed a "me" morning.  With my nails sparking and various (unspoken) parts of my body now hairless, I'm ready to face the afternoon doing rescue related-stuff.  I've been under enormous stress lately, but am finding that I'm handling things better than I used to.  I wonder if it's confidence, support or just the fact that I believe "Sooner or later, all things pass"...I'm guessing D.) All the above. 

Our adoptions have skyrocketed this month and have reached the point where we have had *almost* as many adoptions as we had when we were in the Petsmart adoption centre.  Lots of bonded pairs have been adopted this month and I couldn't be more thrilled.   

We've had a huge number of "owner surrender" calls this month too.  I'm assuming it's because the local Humane Society has had an outbreak of ringworm and they aren't taking in any owner/surrender cats.  The stories these people tell in order to dump their cats completely piss me off.  The latest owner/surrender call was from a woman with a cat who told me quite seriously, "My 8 year old daughter won't leave the cat alone, and I'm afraid she'll get scratched."  I politely asked the woman if her daughter was mentally disabled.  She said that she wasn't, but still kept pestering the cat who was getting more and more upset. 

People this stupid shouldn't have pets....or children. 

I've been anxious to rescue out of the shelter again.  We put things on hold for a while as there had been possible Distemper in one of the rooms.  By the look of the shelter's Petfinder site, it appears they killed a lot of cats to reduce the possibility of contamination in the other rooms.  It's all  upsetting.  I think we're ready to get back there and start rescuing again, but need to move forward with caution.

This morning, a friend sent me an email that said "Help the Horses!" with a clickable link.  Of course, I love horses and helping them is something that I would do if I can.  The link opened a window that showed some asshole slaughtering defenseless horses for meat.  They're being shot repeatedly, but the horses aren't dead and are struggling to get up.  My God, please don't send me this stuff or give me some warning.  I can't undo what I saw. 

I was a vegetarian for a number of years and loved it.  I went back to eating meat when I realized I was doing a crummy job balancing proteins, iron, etc and got really sick.  I've started the process of eliminating meat from my diet again.  This link about the horses was a sad reminder of what we do to our animals, but  I'll never judge those that do eat meat.

As you can see, the title of today's blog post is aptly named.  :)


Debbie said...

I know what you mean, people send me that dicusting stuff also.'As if we don't know what goes on!!
I do rescue for a reason.Please don't remind me of all the sick people out there.

Chrissykat said...

Oh my...I'm just like you...I can never undo the things I see. There are people that can forget and push their memories into the recesses of their minds...I am not one of those people. And I too am a vegetarian. No way, no how will I eat meat.
I'm so sad to hear what happened at the shelter where you rescue. It truly breaks my heart....

tally oh said...

I politely asked the woman if her daughter was mentally disabled.

That made me laugh out loud for a good minute. You're amazing, Beth! :P

Anonymous said...

Maybe if the kid does get a good scratch it will teach her not to tease cats My youngest got a good scratch from the neighbour's cat when she was a kid...the cat didn't want to be picked up..and she told her so. LOL..She never did like that cat afterwards...but learned her lesson. What's the matter with parents these days..sounds like they're scared of their kids !
Speaking of horses..we have had a palomino (belonging to a neighbour next road over from us) in the field next to ours'. He could care less that it's on the loose ..for several days now....has never even bothered to look for him. It's filling it's face with alfalfa...and is in a field right next to a very busy road that is used by many transports heading to the 407. Worries the heck outta us...but when we try to approach him he heads closer to the traffic. Another dilemma with animals in the country ! Gail

Caroline said...

Wow, love the pumpkin! Caroline