Thursday, July 15, 2010

Something Normal

I went to bed last night needing a day off from driving out to the shelter. But when there are cats to be rescued and a place for them to go, I usually just suck it up and go. I was somewhat relieved when the plans fell through to do the rescue today. I really needed a day to do some normal things around the house. Unfortunately, "normal" often feels boring after 3 days in a row of rescue. Silly moi.

It's been a year since I had my outdoor cat enclosure built - aka The Cat Den It was really and truly the best money I have ever spent on my cats and has improved my (and their) lives enormously.

I was appalled to find that a chipmunk must've made a hole and came up through the cat den. I can only imagine what that poor little guy must've thought when he saw a bunch of cats and no escape. I found Wilbur standing vigil in front of the hole today:

That poor chipmunk must've poked his head up and said "Holy Sh&t!"

In the spirit of doing something "normal" today, I went to my favourite Home Sense store and bought a new comforter for my bed. Anybody who has cats knows that you can never buy a comforter that you REALLY want. It's always about what shows the least amount of cat hair, etc.

There's a new comforter on the bed (with minimal cat hair and cat barf stains), my nails are done, my legs are shaved and dinner is cooking.

"Normal" isn't looking too bad right now. :)


HomeToMany said...

Haha, I can't believe the poor chipmunk's shock. I was feeding my son one day with my back to the window and he was pointing out the window saying "mouse, mouse" I turned around and saw a squirrel (a young one I would guess) INSIDE THE DEN! I have no idea how he got in there, but I really have to think that he must have been pretty dumb. The cats though were so scared of him, instead of getting in the den they all looked at him through the window. It was a very funny sight.

So true about the comforter....I dream of a crisp white room ...NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!


Kea said...

Oh, Butters really has attitude! LOL.

I have light coloured bedding and it's always covered in dark fur, of course, but since it's just me here, I don't really care.

"Normal" is good. Boring, not so much. I would think it would be difficult to switch gears, mentally and emotionally, for one day. Does someone else take over the rescuing when you need a break or go on holiday?

Enjoy a "normal" evening, perhaps even have an adult beverage with your dinner. :-)

Anonymous said...

What is it with plastic bags and boxes? I have three boys, who have lots of toys but nothing is better then plastic bags and boxes....

My husband and I have a motto for anything in the house
" we can't have nice all belongs to our boys" hopefully your fur babies enjoy the new bedding....


Smartypants said...

Haha! Butters is too funny. I love how he sort of has "crazy eyes" while he sits in the bag looking around. I have the ugliest comforter in the world (gift from mother-in-law) but at least it doesn't show any cat hair at all...

Deb said...

Glad to hear you do take some time for yourself sometimes. I am rejoicing for the cats you saved yesterday. Yah! for them. Cute video. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5